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What have I done

I'm just so sorry that you've had to go through this - me being depressed and so self absorbed that I didn't even realize how hard you were trying for us.You're still with me...

I needed him

Last night I got in to an argument with my boyfriend of a year and 2 months - we've always worked through it and ended up happy again - but this time was different. I've been...


You are lovely :)...

I Just Need To Vent; I Don't Want To Live On This Planet Anymore

I sense a lot of guilt - where have the feelings of guilt came from?

What have I done

Yeah I totally agree with you - that's what I mean about "we're all just human" but I feel like i'm ready to move on with this.
You'll get nowhere in life being weak , you just need to keep going. :)

I wanna stop but it's addictive

Take control of your life , if you want to stop , you can do it.
you're always in control of yourself - if you're finding it hard , replace cutting with something else -something safer. When I used to get this urge I would run a bath instead of cutting - most of the time I wouldn't even use it - it was just a distraction , which is what cutting is - it distracts you from the real problem , but it will leave you with scars - I have them - I regret it - take control.

My life in a nutshell

You need to tell somebody about this , dealing with it yourself will be 10 times harder - talk to someone who you can trust :)
I know that this is such a traumatic thing to go through , and you can't compare it to some things in life - but at the end of the day , life will throw problems at you - you just need to keep going.
I know it will seem like an impossible task right now but you have to stay strong for yourself.
Humans are capable of incredible things , and being able to adapt to any situation is one of them - I would suggest getting some sort of professional help if you can't do this by yourself but you still have so many years ahead of you. It will get better if you keep trying :)

I really hope things turn out good for you - just don't keep this to yourself please - writing it on here is the first step , now keep going :)

So explain to me

I remember when I ran away from home , I was only young , but when I returned I expected my parents to comfort me , instead they were so angry - but it was only because they were so worried and thought something bad would have happened to me.

he/she sounds angry - I don't know the whole story - but they sound kind of jealous as well - as if you've rejected their help.

People are complex and everyone deals with things differently - you should talk to them about what their intentions were - see if you can get some truth out of them.

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