Yep . . . So, So Happy

I didn't really vent here so someone would reply . . . I rarely assume anyone cares what I'm thinking, to be frank. Just felt like typing something, really.

Maybe thought some passerby would find it on the brink of funny, perhaps? My strange sense of humor and yours most likely do not run on parallel lines c:

Hope you're doing well.

I Sucked A Díck 46 Years Ago

You know, there just aren't enough middle-aged people talking about dicks on the internet.

Kudos to you.

My Favourite Dish

I just have to say, I always look forward to your posts- your life is so much more interesting than mine! c:

Hi, I'm Satan

Someday, when I die, you're probably going to be my landlord :O

At least, that's how I picture hell- just the ugliest, most decrepit apartment building ever. Am I correct? :P

So Here's How The Text Convo Went:

Thank you! At least someone thinks I'm not just being bitchy . . . I've always been very much a people-pleaser, and finally feeling free enough to actually tell people no feels so utterly liberating!

I Really Can't Believe That There Is No

@Delain: I am old enough to get a license, I just never worried because where I previously lived had access to a pretty decent bus system . . . I was very spoiled. Now it's nearly an hour long walk to the nearest store, no sidewalks, just farmland and irrigation ditches. The bus system you have to put up with sounds terrible- in Denver it was nice, very comfortable in my experience. Like I said, I was so lucky!

Plus, yeah, I don't have money for a car right now- that is the long and short of it. I also don't think I would be a very good driver . . . I'm a little scared to even learn how to drive honestly!

@Jesus: Oh, I wish it was that interesting of a reason! ^-^ No, it's much more mundane, I was really happy here for a brief time in my teens, and I guess I thought it would happen all over again if I at least recreated the location. . . not working out quite that way, and, really, why would it?

I Think I Need To Reset Myself

Not yet . . . probably should though haha c:

I Think Only Animals Can Love You Unconditionally .

Hahaha nah, but thanks for the offer c;

Things Are Looking Up

Sounds good, hope you get the job c:

A Thought I Had About Neo Feminism

It seems to me that feminism was necessary in the era in which it was conceived . . . I really don't know how necessary it is now- I don't know if I've been discriminated against based on my gender, and I feel very lucky for that.

And, interestingly, those who I feel have assigned me female-specific roles (that I ought to love cooking and children and domestic bliss, etc.) have almost always been other females . . .

Is Cynic Real?

Well, Cynic is a user who has had an account here since, I think, 2009. Sometimes people get angry at him (I've always assumed Cynic to be male, just my assumption though) because his comments are generally harsher than perhaps what some posters want to hear. He pretty much types what he thinks, as opposed to what others want to read . . . nothing wrong with that, but it annoys some users.

As for his living circumstances, I don't know. I never thought about it before . . . I picture a rather tidy apartment c: Maybe with some pet goldfish . . .

"im A Lil B***h" Pretty Much Sums This Up

I think it's really easy for friendships forged online to be ephemeral- heck, people who grow up together and have geography in their favor still grow apart eventually. It sucks, and it sucks even more to feel like the only person who notices that change and wants things to go back to the way things used to be. I would just try and start fresh, find some new connections- in some cases I guess friends can be like clothes, you grow out of each other and go searching for newer trends and better fits.

Moving To A Small Town

@Charith: thank you! C:

Moving To A Small Town

@phraser: I hope I start to feel more excited here soon . . . I feel like this could to be my second chance at life- moving seems like the perfect time for anyone to experience renewal . . . maybe once the packing and all that fun stuff is done I'll feel pumped too c: ooh, speaking of photography . . . maybe I should do a sort of photo diary of our move! Something to bore our relatives with someday haha.

@shazam: haha I'm going to keep that in mind . . . when I suggest a family road trip to the petrified forests and I disappear, we'll know what I'm up to >.>

And of course jackalopes are real! D: I have one on my bed right this very minute . . . to be honest, he is a little inert, but I attribute that more to his being manic depressive than stuffed.

Ididitallforyou , Whatsername, Lauren, Alex289, Martha, Wave

Hello c: I still post here sometimes, but I don't think Lauren, Paul, Alex or Martha do anymore, unless they're using different usernames.

What was your username back then?

I Challenge All Of ST

INFP-T . . . my biggest problem with tests like these is that, while I am definitely an introvert, it doesn't take into account or even broach the concept of feeling one way but acting another, which is my day to day life- I always tailor myself to whatever the person or people around me want, expect, or need.

So, if you told say, my grandmother that I'm an anxiety ridden introvert, she'd never believe you because when I'm around her my goal is to make her laugh at any cost because that's what she needs from me- I can easily be quick witted, risque and social. I can fool people into thinking all sorts of things about me- that I'm happy, smart, confident. So, for me it begs the question, which personality do I answer on tests like this- how I feel, or how I carry myself around others? Are we really our "natural" personalities, or the personalities that we construct for ourselves?

Don't know if that makes any sense to others or not but oh well c;

Kissing And Depression

You definitely deserve some brownie points- I don't think I would do too well being friends with someone I simultaneously desired. Is there no chance of reciprocation from her?