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Yep . . . So, So Happy

I finally went to a therapist- it was interesting. It was also several months ago, but I lately have not been awake at four thirty in the morning and given time to ruminate over...

Waking Up From Depression . .

I've spent the last four years in a numb, depressive state that eventually piqued last month- I ripped skin off my face and laid down on my bed for hours- I couldn't eat or drink for...
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I Live Too Much In The Past .

I feel guilty that I'm not as young as I used to be, that my mental health took such a significant downturn for so many years, and now I'm here at what I hope is the precipice of my...

Need To Call My Grandmother

I haven't contacted her since we moved, in April . . . yes yes, shame on me. I just hate talking on the phone, and I don't want to talk about myself at all. What the hell is there to...

An Over Used Phrase, But

the guilt really is eating away at me. Guilt for a lot of things, but particularly lack of employment. I've never had a paying job, but the social anxiety of recent years is just . ....
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Yep . . . So, So Happy

I didn't really vent here so someone would reply . . . I rarely assume anyone cares what I'm thinking, to be frank. Just felt like typing something, really.

Maybe thought some passerby would find it on the brink of funny, perhaps? My strange sense of humor and yours most likely do not run on parallel lines c:

Hope you're doing well.

I Sucked A Díck 46 Years Ago

You know, there just aren't enough middle-aged people talking about dicks on the internet.

Kudos to you.

My Favourite Dish

I just have to say, I always look forward to your posts- your life is so much more interesting than mine! c:
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