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I'm Almost Gone

When I am not meeting a goal I previously set for myself because life gets too overwhelming I just tell myself now, “it’s time to adjust that goal so I can survive this bull intact.” If you need to collapse sometimes, it’s okay. Keep doing your best for YOU.

Getting Raped But I Enjoy It

If you want it to stop then set it up to get caught. If you like it, there’s much worse things you could be doing. Hands won’t get you pregnant. So decide if you want it to stop

Boring Bleak Life

I recommend yoga. Set aside time everyday or a few times a week to focus your mind and your body on breathing calmly through s**t. Wh n your mind and body can come together feeling good new ideas and hope are natural side effects.

I Can’t Think Of A Title Lol

Text 741-741 if it’s too hard to talk to someone or if you don’t have anyone. I struggle, too. Living is harder than dying.
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