Down Right Lazy Or What

I guess I do.

Emotions, How Can I Get Away From You?

Thanks . emotions come and go, perhaps I'll just get used to it. Perhaps having some good food might help.

[Work] Feel So Lonely Because No One Can Help Except Myself

Thank you. What I fear most is that I didn't really have ADHD and it was my own fault and character weakness afterall.

Work, Work, Work. Stay Strong To Face The Challenge

I'm really touched to see your comment! I'm still working at the moment, and have stuffed myself with junk food for dinner.

I don't know what to say, but I like that 'fake it, till you make it.' Law of attractions. Remind myself to be careful with the thoughts in my mind as that might come true. If I keep thinking of bad things, bad things might come. However, I don't know how to define when to 'have good preparations for the worst scenario' or 'try not to think negatively'. But maintaining positive thoughts just keep me from turning insane.

I Accept The Challenge

15 pages!
How can it be done?
That's amazing!
I wish I can be that efficient and productive.