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I Love Him

So theres this app called askip, it got it a while ago and stuff and i put my snap on there, some guy added me um lets call him G so because me and my friend where getting added by...
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I Give Up

i can't do this anymore, it too hard, i'm in pain too much, i want to give up. It's Teenxox...
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I Love My Best Friend. (girlxgirl)

I think I’ve fallen in love with my best friend (girl and I’m a girl) She is still sorting her sexuality out so I don’t want to push her. I don’t want to tell her because I don’t...

Cutting. Again But Worse

I started causing again although it isn’t just a scratch ITS BLOOD and I don’t know how to stop, my depression has become unbearable and I just feel like I’m drowning....

I Stoped Posting At This Is My Reason

So I started posting on here when I was going through a very rough patch of my life. I then lost my best friend of 5 year cause she went behind my back and posted online about how...
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