Woo Boy Now

So many familiar names!

And I suggest your best stabbin' knife, heyup.

Woo Boy Now

I saw that! So odd that this site popped into both of our heads at the same time after being away for the same amount of time. . . Very spooky.

I hope you're doing well.

Ever Been Sad?

Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" comes to mind.

Hope you're not too sad for too long.

I Doubt They Even Understand What They're Doing

I'm working 14 hours on July 4th, so I'll be right there with you. Trying to keep my cool and slap a smile on my face while everyone I know is with friends and family. It's a bummer, but we can get through it.

Frequent Violent Thoughts

Invasive thoughts. It happens from time to time.

There Once Was

Massivetwoshits to be exact.

There Once Was

Don't mess with my almost homeland bro.

My Deep Dark Fear

The Infinite Hitlers Theory states that there is always an infinite number of Hitlers hiding right outside of your field of vision.

That'll strike fear in the coldest of hearts.

Evil Demon Musiclike Curse

Ehhhh. Made me uncomfortable.

Where Is Your Happy Place?

I usually go hiking or walk the beach. It's nice.

Dear Random Internet Person,

Crane kick haters in the trachea, you sexy mama.

I Enjoy Alluc ^ ^

Why don't you two move in together?
I feel as if it would be alright by now.

Time To Have A Baby Just Waiting On My Body To Get With The Program

I have a totally different question.

How did you know that you were down with the whole "family compound" lifestyle? You don't feel trapped by it?

Because I was asked to create a family compound with my boyfriends family and the entire idea scared the wits out of me.

Church Was Awful

When I was really little, I screamed HI GUYS to my neighbors in the middle of a prayer. My mom took me outside and whooped my butt. I didn't scream in church again after that.

Luckily she stopped making us all go to church when I was about 14 and wanted to "explore religions" like any other special snowflake east coast teenager.

But little kids and church are a horrible mix. It's just SO BORING for them. I'd be crying too.

I Have To Un-invite My Boyfriend From Thanksgiving?

Just deal with it. I'm sure your boyfriend won't be too crushed, he has his own family too (probably).
If you have time for three whole weeks of vacation, then you have time for a "family-only" event.

The Last 12 Years

My condolences, and a big ol' internet hug. She's off chasing tennis balls in doggy heaven.

Scrawny Cat Wants Chicken ^ ^

Raw chicken is good for kitty's teeth.

But I'm not sure if you want to give it more biting power.

What A Time To Be Alive

Go to change password, pound the keyboard with your fist a few times, then sign out.
Boom! You won't remember what you pounded as your password and you're unable to ever sign back in.

Can't do that in hell.