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I don't actually exist.
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Woo Boy Now

Here's somewhere that I haven't visited in quite awhile. I just got an iPad (heading right into the 21st century wow look at me) so excuse my terrible sentence structure. Typing on...

Red Ragweed Eyes

I wish I could explain my thoughts with pictures. Big black spirals when I'm frustrated and colorful splotches when I'm elated. I wish you could just see what I see The faces covered...

Woo Boy Now

So many familiar names!

And I suggest your best stabbin' knife, heyup.

Woo Boy Now

I saw that! So odd that this site popped into both of our heads at the same time after being away for the same amount of time. . . Very spooky.

I hope you're doing well.

Ever Been Sad?

Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" comes to mind.

Hope you're not too sad for too long.

I Doubt They Even Understand What They're Doing

I'm working 14 hours on July 4th, so I'll be right there with you. Trying to keep my cool and slap a smile on my face while everyone I know is with friends and family. It's a bummer, but we can get through it.

Frequent Violent Thoughts

Invasive thoughts. It happens from time to time.
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