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I'm been through rough times and learned a lot. I like to help people do that too.
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I Messed Up

Hello, Haley, I myself have held a loaded gun while standing for an hour beside my sleeping abuser's bed, but I can guarantee you that when it comes down to it you won't want to face the charge of murder with potential jail time.

I went back and read your posts here. The only way to become safe is for your dad to not know where all of you have moved to. This actually is very difficult to make happen but it can be done. If you can tell us your state or even the city you live in, I can reach out to protectors I know to find out the best way to make you safe where you are. Each place is a bit different and I don't want to tell you advice that would work elsewhere but won't work for you and your mom and the rest of the kids.

Where are you now? Will you be moving to another city or state when you move? It sounds like your mom is moving you all away from your abuser -- is this correct?

Don't run away and don't kill yourself. I hope you can keep from harming yourself.

It's Sunday now, I'll check back tomorrow and every day to see if you post again.


I'm Gay Because Nobody Loves Me

Seriously, the only way to be happy in this life is to be yourself, your real self. When you felt that nobody cared, if they care now, you know that feels hollow because it's not the real you they're caring about.

Turn your attention within, is my suggestion, and figure out what areas you can explore that will bring you attention by way of your talent and style. If you start doing something that you really love, then the people who also love those things will gravitate to you.

I Just Feel So Alone

The key is to figure out what you dig, pursue it, and like-minded ppl will become acquaintances and possibly friends. Do you like Death Metal? get involved in forums about it, attend showings even when they're far away. Do you like . [fill in the blank]. If you 'don't like anything', then you're in a slump and could benefit from therapy if you hop around and find the perfect therapist for you.

The Right Way And The Wrong Way

Oh, I will add that the whole 'points our changes to her point of view' is in a bemused manner with just a tinge of mock. It works.

The Right Way And The Wrong Way

This can be turned benevolent with a goodwill-based approach -- I only know because my older daughter's guy let's her 'be the one who's right' and points out changes to her point of view she finds it hard to deny. So, he creates the situation where she can bend, adapt, accept input.

But if acrimony is too vested, you could possibly still benefit from good therapy, whether couples counseling or start out with your own, the function of which is to assess new options for approach to the relationship.
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