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" Without Any Words."

Could you read my face without any words? My evey expression is so obvious; within your presence I'm always wearing my heart upon my sleeve. My smiles are very extended, because I'm...

" In Your Gorgeous Eyes."

Within the beauty of the night time stars, and the moonlight case above nature's sky. I have to say, I think of your beautiful face. As I gaze out the window, I rewind the thoughts...

@ There Are Times.*

Sorry for what you are going through, but I must say don't blame the universe for your difficulties. I know life could be very bad at times, but really it's how we ourselves perceive...
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I'm Just A Sex Addict

Hey you troll, go and get a vibration machine , and shut the hell up! Keep your drive to yourself. Nobody wants to hear your sex complaints . Go seek counseling , or sex anonymous!

Diary Of A Chronic Over-thinker

1. Don't do drugs it would only make matters worse.
2. Try not to base your encouragement, and happiness upon others.
3. Believe in your self, and not on how others see, or justify you.
4. Try to make life your own challenge, that's where the motivation comes in.
5. There's plenty of hobbies to do that doesn't cost much. However, reading, writing, taking walks, and finding something that you really like doing, and see if you can make a career out of it. Besides, sitting around feeling like you lost all interest in everything around you is not the answer.
6. Keep going, and looking until you find the right comfortable place where you can sit down and smile.
7. Have more confidence, and more self-esteem.
8. Maybe you feel your conversations aren't good enough, because subconsciously you don't feel good about yourself.
9. Make something interesting by finding what it is you like to do with yourself, that way you'll have all the interesting topics to share with the people who like doing the same things.
10. Life is what you make of it. Don't give up, because you don't want to regret it later in your older years, and say to yourself, "wow life just past me by! "I wish what I know now," "I knew back then."

Life goes by too fast, so just get up and star planing life now before it's too late. Good luck.

Diary Of A Chronic Over-thinker

Hey Cynic, you should try taking your own advice! It seems like you're too busy criticizing other people's posts rather than working on yourself! Hmmmm, I guess when you make your critical remarks to others I assume it makes you feel better about yourself? Hey wait! One more thing, since you're so "perfect" without a written error ever in all the area's of your life, so tell me something, how does that feel?

Alcoholic In Waiting

Go seek counseling , A A A meeting , unless you want to be an alcoholic .

Help Im Too High

Go seek counseling, a drug counselor. You have some drug issues.
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