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I'm still relatively pretty, though the hair is shorter. Still like videogames, women and cream soda (Though I've discovered I much prefer Vanilla Coke/Pepsi). I don't have a lady love now, since.. Uh.. Well, it's been a while. Dating sites suck, just to say. Boom, updated profile. Not much has changed, but whatevs.
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I'm Not Quite Convinced

Of her reason, that is. Yes, we DID rush into our relationship, but I am really doubting that's the reason we're no longer together. She went on a trip with a few friends. Male...

Relationships Are Stupid

As usual, a little thing happens. It bothers me, but I don't bring it up to the girl. Weeks later it's still bothering me, I still don't say anything. Then I'm thinking about...

Riddled With Guilt

Over something that I said. I stand by it, because the evidence has stacked up so high, but I still feel bad about it. It undoubtedly sounded hurt her, but I said it. I thought it...

Accursed Leaky Face

Normally I only tear up when I'm furious, or just saw/read something really sad (Usually involving pets), but lately it takes the tiniest hint of emotion to get my eyes moist. It's...

Need To Meet People

Once in a blue moon an old friend will text me, or I'll text them, but otherwise my social circle is very small. I have two friends that I talk to semi-regularly, one of which I hang...
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I Can't Figure This S**t Out!

Maybe he figured out that you were having second thoughts. I dunno. I'd think on it more and write a better response, but today was uh. Not a fun day.

I'm Not Quite Convinced

Thanks for the responses, I wont bring it up. I'll try to distance myself.

Relationships Are Stupid

Thanks for the responses. You're right about that, Mopy. I'd say I was eager to jump into it because of stress piling up, but the truth is I'd have done the same if nothing else was going on at the time. I should try harder to think about what I'm doing before I go for it.

And Delain, that's a nice thought but I am doubtful. It's never worked out like that in the past. "Taking a step back" or "Just being friends" has so far always lead to the person delivering those lines going silent and giving only the shortest responses until I give up and leave them alone. "Let's just be friends" is synonymous with "I'm done with you."

Relationships Are Stupid

Okay so we had that talk. LOL it started as I was typing. Anyway. She says we should "Take a step back and just be friends for now." Which I mean, I guess we did rush into it. So that's fine. Still so, I can't help but assume it's not really about it being rushed, but that there are better options. I'm just used to that. It's uh. It hasn't been good on my self-esteem.

Sorry for the poor read.

Riddled With Guilt

Thank you. Still feel crummy about it, but you're right. What's important is that she gets help.
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