" Within Your Beautiful Eyes."

As far as for you, @ Cynic. What are you trying to prove? Every word does not come from a (thesaurus) dictionary! Every word comes from within my heart. Why don't you try and use it sometime? Maybe it would do you some good instead of crashing on people's posts that has nothing to do with you. Besides the person I'm writing this to understands what I'm trying to say, so like I said before it has nothing to do with you! I'm going to say this again, so pay attention, "mind your own business!" This isn't about you! And if you have more to say, than I guess you must have a bad case of ADD!

" Within Your Beautiful Eyes."

@ bananas, thank you for your kind words It's nice to know there's some nice people on here that aren't critical analysis. Have a great day.

" Within Your Beautiful Eyes."

Hey Cynic, if you would take a few minutes to look the word up maybe you might find out what it means. It means (Green) By the way I think you are the fool! Besides don't you have anything better to do than criticizing people's post? They are not written for you! So why don't you do yourself and others a favor mind your business!

I Love You

Awww, so sweet. Ditto my dear. Every word you write means so much to me. I just wish each time I walk through that door I can tell you so much more. Oh, dear can you hear all my hello ' s each one is really telling you I want to hold you. Come close listen to my heart beat, for every beat is for you.

" Could This Ever Be Privately Countenance?"

@ Cynic, So do you think all your critical analysis are so superior, or is this just an INFERIORITY or superiority COMPLEX?

How You See Me Astonishes Me

So sweet, :) Very true.

One As Two

Very Beautiful, "your such a romantic kind hearted person." :)

Imagine This Hmm

Crazy for you. By Madonna.