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TL:DR It Was A Weird Dream

So after a very lengthy call with my friend who disappeared to the East to take some personal time to sort out some of his BS, I was exhausted but happy to finally hear from him,...

Just Before Bed

As my eyes slowly try to make their way within the confines of my skull, and as my body completely melts into the mattress that’s been my only sense of comfort since I moved here, the...

An Old Friend

It’s amazing. I’m not even going to try and paint the picture that is our history, because we’ve been “friends” for over twenty years now, and those have been a jam packed twenty...

Slipped Up S**t

I’ve almost lived here for a year now. In that time I’ve done a disgustingly well job of staying out of people’s way. In fact when someone does manage to see me, they ask “Haven’t...
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Ground Zero Hero

Man this site is dead as dicks, probably for the best, but still, it’s going to be a weird day when I type in this address to find that the site no longer exists. But how awesome...
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Woo Boy Now

If the world is my oyster, then what would be considered the knife to open it, because let me tell you something, I’m starving for some quality shell food.

Happy Holidays /Life Is Complicated

Merry Christmas, Safety. Hope all is well.

Pink The Lungs

I love this website sometimes.
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