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Hey I'm a girl woo! uhhh... I really feel no need to tell complete strangers about me sooo.
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Help Me With My Bulimia, Please I Need It

I have been called skinny all my life, people have always told me that I should model because I am tall and skinny. Lately people haven't been telling that I was skinny or beautiful....
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How Do I Keep My Best Guy Friend In The Friend Zone? Nicely?

So I just found out that one of my best guy friends has had a crush on me, and I kinda want to keep him as JUST a friend. now I know that most guys who have been caught in the dreaded...

I Am A (kinda) Pretty Girl And I Want To Be A Gay Guy!

Ahhh! what the hell is wrong with me, is it weird i want to be a gay guy? It basically contradicts itself, a girl wanting to be a gay guy. I like guys either way! Is anyone else like...


well I mean make a move, I would love to go all deep and inspiring but love is not something I'm good with. I mean I dumped guy over text right after they said they loved me before. not a good thing to do fyi.


Well it depends on what you like.
action(these kinda hint at love plots): Naruto, full metal alchemist, Soul eater, ( my fave and found on Netflix) Kaze no stigma, bleach
Just romance :Ouran high host club, Vampire knight, bleach, this ugly yet beautiful world, fruits basket
black butler is good too but it has to many genres to categorize. It is definitely a romance kinda thing if you look at it in a certain way.

Tied Of Life

You know what ever is making you sad is only temporary, don't let this temporary state make you want to end what you have. i would preach about all of the paralyzed people in hospitals that would love to have your life but i doubt that will help your current situation. so instead just blow off everything that even makes your smile waver. If someone called you an emo priss just blow it off they don't matter. And move schools in almost every town has some kind of a "reject school" that is filled with the most amazing people ever. I go to one and I have never been happier with my school life, so just move schools get better friends, work hard at school, and find something that makes you happy. BE WARNED DO NOT LET THAT HAPPY THING BE A PERSON. a other half is great but having one will not make you happy unless you were happy before them.

I Am A (kinda) Pretty Girl And I Want To Be A Gay Guy!

Mr. "the running man" I like you.


Sex is just great and if someone is as sad and confused as you seem to be sex is a great release. If you have told people and they don't care enough to help you you aren't telling the right people.
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