Life Of Regret

I'm pretty sure that women must have the same experience. You may want to lower your own superficial bar, and perhaps you'll see more results/responses? :/ It could also be your approach, a "Hi how are you " would probably work better than some lame pick up line lol I really dont know. I think it's silly that people stop responding. it's dumb. People should at least respond and say they arent interested. Or it could be that maybe they have 50 messages in their inbox or simply are busy.

And, It Starts Again

possibly complex PTSD from being a child of a NPD parent. Possibly in need of N.A. meetings. find a psychiatrist, through family doctor it's free as long as you have your healthcard.

I've Had Some Of The Greatest Experiences Of My Life While Gaming

I was like that in high school too, but people mature as they get older and you'll meet cooler people if you give it a shot:) You have to be willing to take a little risk, curiosity about others goes a long way. Perhaps you can join a gaming meet up or hang out in comic shops and stuff like that where you might meet others who would like to enjoy the games with you in person.

I Hope I Leave

You dont have to apologize either, I appreciate you responding at all. You're probably right that I need to stop hoping that people are dependable. I pretty much go out of my way to bend but when it really comes down to taking action I have to convince and beg and even then in the end when it really came down to taking action, nothing. I cant help feeling like Im the one thats inherently not good enough and not worth it.

I've Had Some Of The Greatest Experiences Of My Life While Gaming

I guess I agree. But the internet is very isolating. It's not the same as sitting with a friend and laughing together, being able to hug and smile. You cant really hug or hold a screen. Long distance relationships are really s****y. Face your fears and talk to the lonely people around you. More to life than reducing your carbon footprint and thoughts swimming in your mind. Intellectualism is great until you realize your life passed you by living in your mind. Technology is just the human beings thinking thoughts are better than organic nature. It's not. Read the short story "the machine stops" by forster.

Life Of Regret

I feel like most people must feel this way. I know I do at least. Ive stopped giving a s**t lately, and been a happier person as a result. But then as soon as I feel lonely it all feels pointless again. We're social creatures, we need eachother. Try online dating sites? Like bumble is supposed to be a good one or something. Just resolve to have more fun, even just meeting people and enjoying life a bit more.

Office Politics Are Difficult

Fake sick. Let him take the fall. Let him call the client and explain. Learn to set boundaries and say "sorry I cant I already have x y z to do", "I have an important personal meeting later", "I appreciate you delegating responsibility but I feel someone else may be a better fit for this specific role". Or do a s****y job and well just say you had no time.

I Need To Vent

People accuse women of "leading men on". So she may have cut you off to avoid hurting you slowly and painfully by leaving any sort of hope. It seems like you liked her a lot since it actually makes you angry. And perhaps she wrote the message as a kind gesture to let you know that she appreciated your friendship. On some level she probably misses that and recognizes that you're a valuable person. Either that or she recently had her heart broken and needs an ego boost. We are all severely flawed human beings in pain.

I'll Never Understand Why People Who Have Everything Kill Themselves

It's hard to make people understand something they already have judgements about. Theres 101+ reasons why a person may suicide. Just because someone has 1000 facebook friends, one million dollars in the bank account, a seemingly beautiful family a dog a house etc., it doesnt mean they feel like they deserve it. You alsoont know what the quality of those relatinsjops is like. You can have sex or lie next to someone and feel unseen. And even aside from that, you just have to have that ONE moment of impusive, "what more is there", "I can never be happy" moment, anger with oneself and life and the self hate. You just need that low point. In fact when you have everything I feel like theres nothing left to hope for. The poor person has hope that if they had money found a loving partner. then they will be happy. Someone who has everything and isnt happy has nothing to hope for to bring them happy. People think money and romance etc means a person will be happy and it literally has NOTHING to do with that. It has everything to do with us validating our worth outside of other people places ideas and things.

Question For Women:

I personally appreciate compliments. I know that for example Ive seen my friends absolutely light up when a boy walked by and told her, "excuse me, but I just wanted to tell you you're really beautiful". I think qhen something is genuine most people won't be rude. I know every beautiful woman, really brushes the compliment off because they assume that people are just saying that etc. Even then, it's rare because like you said, people assume the person already knows they're beautiful. Which is rarely true. And honestly it IS appreciated when a man is thinking of these things. It shows that you're trying to understand. I think the right people will appreciate it. But just because some people don't, why deprive others of your warmth? But like mentikned before me, it always also feels nicer to feel seen for something about your personality or a kind act. Who you are. But if you dont know the oerson and all you see is what they look like, what else can a person do. As long as you arent vulgar, whistling or behaving in an indifferent entitled sort of way, i think people wont be offended.

I Miss 100% Of The Shots I Take

It just means you need to talk more shots. Like when you first learn basketball, you miss like the first 30 shots. Just keep trying and practicing.

I Am A Liar

Yeah, I love the paintings they make. Blown away in the wind. If you ever can, watch the movie/documentary Samsara. It's pretty much no dialogue but it's pretty wonderful.

Thanks for caring, I guess "liking" a post is sort of like caring. I mean you read it, so you're on par with the people closest to me. I delete posts and especially the last couple because I hurt someone deeply when they read it unknown to me. And then the relationship ended, the director yelled cut, and I continued on.

Hard To Relate

Everyone is looking for someone who can get them completely. That's impossible because no one has seen the world through your eyes or has your exact genetics. Except yourself. If instead of looking for someone to understand you, you became a witness and companion to yourself, that would be enough. Then youd be able to celebrate differences instead of try to destroy them. Your views are not correct, just different. Instead of expecting people to be curious about you, become curious about them.

I Grew Up On Movies

There are plenty of fat and ugly people who are in relationships with what society would deem "attractive". Truth is that you can find the most beautiful person and sleep next to them for years and years and may never be happy and break up with them. Same for ugly people. Make yourself beautiful on the inside, learn to love (first yourself then others) and someone will see that and fall in love with you. Be confident, without hurting others. It cant really be faked. When you dont need love (because you love yourself), thats when love will find you. Thats the catch.

Derek Drew A Card

Swords is usually about communication. Water, emotion. Wands is sometimes sexual/communication or news/burdens. coins is about abundance/sometimes love. It's more about how the cards flow together and the story they tell.

The Tried And Failed Method

Stalker-ish. Normal people dont show up at people's workplaces after being ignored.

The Wrong Boys

People will always find fault. You are who you are, and thats not defineable. People get drunk, and you recognize improvement in yourself going towards where you want to be. Focus on that. No one else matters. We become what we fill the void with.

This Is So Frusterating

Go ahead. When you get raped and abused, emotionally tortured. and have a "pimp", you will be estranged from your family. You will be a slave, without your consent. Go ahead and glamorize the lifestyle. Easy come easy go. Even the cops wont be able to help you, because there will be no proof that it wasnt done without your consent. This is how people get into human traficking. If you really want to get into this career path go look it up. If you value your life, research the field like you would any other job. It is so upsetting when I see girls willing to become a puppet and are excited by the opportunity. Why not have a healthy relationship with a boy your age? Instead of a pedophile?

Stepping Over My Own Traps

Jeez. Thats a lot of self shaming. Whatever you did, people have done far worse than you. You cant time travel so it may help to accept what the past has been. Grudges for yourself or others will only tear away at your relationship with yourself. There is no point to obsess over our mistakes. Which may or may not have even done any harm, Im sure no one else thinks of your mistakes as often as you do unless they are toxic people. I highly recommend you get a CBT app for your device. There are many free ones. It helps you challenge your beliefs and such thought patterns.

My Friends Little Brother Touched Me

Probably tell your friend and then call a distress line. I would recommend kids help phone if you have that in your country.

These arent just for suicide. Sometimes things like this happen and you need someone to talk to and help you deal. If it doesnt work try 9-1-1 or whatever emergency line you have and the operator will connect you to the right service. Or sometimes call 0 for operator.