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I Hope I Leave

When I'm no longer needed, I'm no longer wanted. I feel like I already knew this deep down. I wish I could open a secret door on the ground, and fall through. It's appealing because...

I Am A Liar

I lie about happiness, I lie about people and how they are. I lie about reality. I lie because I dont know whats real anymore. So everything is a lie by default. Truth is I feel like...

Life Of Regret

I'm pretty sure that women must have the same experience. You may want to lower your own superficial bar, and perhaps you'll see more results/responses? :/ It could also be your approach, a "Hi how are you " would probably work better than some lame pick up line lol I really dont know. I think it's silly that people stop responding. it's dumb. People should at least respond and say they arent interested. Or it could be that maybe they have 50 messages in their inbox or simply are busy.

And, It Starts Again

possibly complex PTSD from being a child of a NPD parent. Possibly in need of N.A. meetings. find a psychiatrist, through family doctor it's free as long as you have your healthcard.

I've Had Some Of The Greatest Experiences Of My Life While Gaming

I was like that in high school too, but people mature as they get older and you'll meet cooler people if you give it a shot:) You have to be willing to take a little risk, curiosity about others goes a long way. Perhaps you can join a gaming meet up or hang out in comic shops and stuff like that where you might meet others who would like to enjoy the games with you in person.

I Hope I Leave

You dont have to apologize either, I appreciate you responding at all. You're probably right that I need to stop hoping that people are dependable. I pretty much go out of my way to bend but when it really comes down to taking action I have to convince and beg and even then in the end when it really came down to taking action, nothing. I cant help feeling like Im the one thats inherently not good enough and not worth it.

I've Had Some Of The Greatest Experiences Of My Life While Gaming

I guess I agree. But the internet is very isolating. It's not the same as sitting with a friend and laughing together, being able to hug and smile. You cant really hug or hold a screen. Long distance relationships are really s****y. Face your fears and talk to the lonely people around you. More to life than reducing your carbon footprint and thoughts swimming in your mind. Intellectualism is great until you realize your life passed you by living in your mind. Technology is just the human beings thinking thoughts are better than organic nature. It's not. Read the short story "the machine stops" by forster.
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