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Happy Holidays /Life Is Complicated

Hi everyone. Hope you've all been well, those of you who remember me. If not well that's okay :p Not sure what to write. Many things have happened. I promised I wouldnt come back to...

My Friends Little Brother Touched Me

Probably tell your friend and then call a distress line. I would recommend kids help phone if you have that in your country.

These arent just for suicide. Sometimes things like this happen and you need someone to talk to and help you deal. If it doesnt work try 9-1-1 or whatever emergency line you have and the operator will connect you to the right service. Or sometimes call 0 for operator.

I Pray She Dies

People get away with this sort of thing. You could report them for lying if you really wanted to. I'm sure that people who lie like that. they have issues. Pathological lying is probably an illness in itself. Eventually the secret comes out though. Not your job to fix people.

Happy Holidays /Life Is Complicated

Hope you've been well?

True. We all land somewhere on all the spectrums. Yea, I figured I'm not a narc. I just act crazy when Im on a crazy train, when the conductor insists I'm seeing things.

I Just Don't Know Who I Am Anymore

Try new things.

See what makes your soul come alive, and what makes you smile. What you are meant to do might be work, but it won't feel like work as you do it. Sitting shut up in a room simply thinking about it wont make you discover anything.

Woo Boy Now

Very spooky. Maybe it's about coming full circle and seeing how far we've come.
& Some growing pains but I'm good! Thanks :)
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