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FUck.Loud as hell.I can't go because I'm pretending I'm not in the building so I can I'm in my pjs looking like a scumbag :) :) So Imma hide here and be really quiet....

Dear lovely life

Please don't take your life, ever. You have no idea what good things are in your future, don't give all that up. The world will have one less good person. You don't know how, or when, but life can change in a second, and that second can change not only one, but hundreds of lives.

Dear lovely life

I know it hurts, but if only you could see what everyone else sees, you would see that you are a light in the darkness. You are one of the few good people in this world. Its the good people, who don't realize how much they are worth. Don't end a life like yours, you are the good that someone is searching for. start making yourself happy now. You do deserve it. You deserve nothing but happiness.

I have never hated anyone like i hate him

that's terrible. But there are good men out there, you just have to be patient with your heart, until it can trust again. Try and meet good men, to prove to yourself that such men exist. xo

So, That WAS For Me After All

just forget about people like that.


Well, you have to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Every time you fear him cheating on you, say to yourself he is not. Imagine him only loving you even when supermodels walk by. Focus on that image. Don't let anything else into your thoughts.
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