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My head hurts

Idk what's wrong with me....

Bored with life

According to my parents, I'm getting married right after college.Yup married.Oh fun life.And I know it's going to occur because I don't have the courage to face their words and...


Here's a secret: I realized that any friend that Ive had that was close to me, I've pretty much pushed away.Now, it seems as though all of the friends that I used to have are just...

Goood night!

Good night boys and girls, women and men, seniors citizens, vikings, monsters, and the rest! ...

I'm not allowed to run?

Whaaaaaat? I'll run if its the last thing I do! Daaaammmmmit I'm so mad! I can't do track gaaah! Because, publictransportantion is full of people who are killers and rapists? I'm...
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I wish that there was a way too sleep extra hard

me too, i wish this every single day

"If you're going to take a life, it's better to take your own".

Yeah, a parachute is really stupid, I don't know what I was thinking. Anyway, I hope nothing bad happens to your uncle. I know I would feel horrible if my uncle died.

"If you're going to take a life, it's better to take your own".

If i was a truck driver, i would probably keep some sort of cushioning on me at all tines. I can't imagine killing others, but I can't imagine killing myself. I would probably also keep a parachute with me at all times. I have good reflexes, so I think with those I might have a small chance of survival.

Basically I Push Everyone Away

Interesting cuz I wrote a similar thing sometime ago :D

I know this is a pretty basic website..

Nothing. I don't care if people do the things they feel like doing. It makes it more real if those things aren't blocked because it would stop something that would happen from happening. Thereby making it less life-like.
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