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"just try to love the little things in life Like running in the rain"
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Its Been A While Since I've Been Active On Here

Many things have changed, but at the same time stayed the same. Things are always changing it seems and we change or grow with them...

Heres To Hoping One Day Things Will Change

That one day things will be less confusing, Im lucky now that I have people looking after me, however it seems that I am unsure of what to do and the reality of things. Along with...

Its Confusing Having So Much Hate

I feel like I should be able to move on, I thought I had forgiven you. Yet when faced with reminders of you, I panic and feel afraid. I hate that you still have this over me, and I...
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Well I Feel Like S**t

The awsome moment when your watching forest Gump and your boyfriend calls Jenny discussing for thinking about suicide saying it's disgusting. Only a couple of days after I told him...

Its Funny How We Feel Like We Don't Matter

It always ends up this way, where I'm one of the crowd, someone who goes unnoticed, just a face. People wouldn't miss me, its sad but true, I'm just a face in the crowd, and thats all...
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Life Is Very Hard No Matter Your Age

<3 keep holding on <3

Richer Than I Thought

Aww I'm happy for u mopy

Really Wish Things Were Ok

I wouldnt even know where to begin :(
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