He's Gone And No Longer My Neighbour

However unhealthy I believe he is to you and especially in close proximity, I'm sure there was many memories and attachments/comfort felt knowing he was around and so close. It's okay to mourn for that closeness. I hope you feel better soon.

What Is Something I Can Do To Turn My Man On?

Lingerie? Sexual innuendos?

High Five? WTF?

Haha, that sounded so cringe-worthy just reading it. Sorry you had to go through that

I See You Trying

Cynic it's different person. It's a friend who been struggling with doing what is needed

Words Won't Flow

Cynic appreciate the effort lol

WTF Is This, Middle Earth? Magic Number 9 Returns

Your hashtag got me laughing. Hope it goes well with magic #9 lmao :)

There's A Reason I Don't Tell You Anything

@Cynic I don't know if I'm fine or not, I have a medical appointment in 3 months with the VA to find out. If symptoms progress, then I will have to contact the VA to get authorization to go to the hospital. I really hope I get better/figure out before it has to come to that since the army is really frugal like that.

Why Can't I Let It Go?

First off, I am by no means a professional therapist or anything close.
Yes, you need professional help, but know this isn't your fault. What happened all those years wasn't your fault. You were a child who trusted in adults, and that one adult failed you. You are doing the best you can with what you have. And honestly, you are amazing. I don't have to know you to know you are a wonderful person. I know it's hard for you to trust people, you're probably looking at my words and being skeptical about it. That is okay. That is your defensive mechanism kicking in to try to protect yourself from danger. Regardless, the only thing I wish for you is to talk to a therapist for your own sake.

Nobody deserves to ever go through what you went through. I will pray and will good vibes your way.

My Past Few Years Have Been Rejection

Thank you Cynic for correcting me :)

We're Just Talking

Hello there Cynic :p
There is no need for std checks or having 'fun' for me. I'm literally just a lonely (as in companion-wise, not sex-wise) introvert (when I'm not busy with going back to school). All I want is to connect mentally is all. Also why I still exist on this website.

My Past Few Years Have Been Rejection

I don't think there's anything wrong with you per se. High school is just an emotional time in everyone's life. More than that, I think the bigger problem is that you don't really seem to love yourself. It kind of seem like you're trying to get others to love you instead.

But even me telling you this won't really impact you. You're just going to have to ride that ride and figure things out for yourself. Don't cut or do any self harm. Instead reflect on why you feel the way you do. And honestly, I would say, join clubs or hang out with friends to distract yourself whenever possible. I wouldn't try to jump into another relationship anytime soon because obviously doing that has been hurting you.

A Free Amy

He's probably trying to show dominance. Like a dog that pees on s**t, you know, primitive crap. What a jackass he still is, good grief.

An Anticlimactic End

@Cynic thank you for your insight. It's very much appreciated

Wanting To Have An Affair

Dude I don't agree with your choice but at the same time I'm not in charge of your life. To each their own but at the same time think of the damage you would deal to the family as a whole or at least think how that would affect the children.

Pain Changes You

@cynic Do more? How so?
The thing is Cynic, I do not mind your criticism/critique as long as you can follow up on your reasoning or give insight. I cannot change if I do not understand. Otherwise, I have stunted in personal growth and your comment becomes meaningless.

Magic Magic Number Nine

I'm cheesing so hard right now. Your life is like a rollercoaster. Please update about Dan if something happens, please lol

And for a sec, I thought your post said Magic MIKE Number 9. I was like wtf when did all this happen? Haha

What The F**k To Do

You tell him. The worst thing he can do is say he doesn't feel the same. BUT that's A LOT better than NOT saying anything and having them end up together without you ever telling him or him ever knowing. Good luck

The Bonus Chances

I hope things continue to look up for you. You are a resilient person. Do your best :)

" Could This Ever Be Privately Countenance?"

Good grief, between you and ATripToNowhere, my heart can't take the poetic grace that you two have bestow upon me. WHY CANT I HAVE THIS IN MY LIFE?!?!

I Love You

*foaming at the mouth* my god man, you have a way with words. I really hope you get that person you write about. I'm so impatient lol, I just want to know what happens next already! <3