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All the dark things and emotions I cannot display to the world, I leave them here.
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Feeling Sentimental And Blessed

I forget how much I take granted of everything. My vision that my brother gave me by buying my first pair of glasses in 11th grade. My friends who patiently took notes or told me what...

Hindsight Is Always 20/20

I knew a couple months back from the way my ex NCO texted me that something was off. I noticed he drank a little more but i didn't want to come off as excessive or bothersome/annoying...
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Overslept Is An Understatement

I crashed out for 15 hours wtf. I didn't even feel that tired when I went to bed, but apparently I must have been tired after all. And now it's time to sleep again. Good grief....

Our Forever Rock

I keep wondering if this really is the end for us. Is there no more chances? Why has it been so hard for us? I really do love you, you know. But timing is everything. There's more to...

Trying To Not Be So Critical Of Myself

I know since I haven't worked out in about year, I shouldn't be so critical of such a s****y run time, but literally I cringed so hard. A 12 minute pace for approximately 2.5 miles. I...
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He's Gone And No Longer My Neighbour

However unhealthy I believe he is to you and especially in close proximity, I'm sure there was many memories and attachments/comfort felt knowing he was around and so close. It's okay to mourn for that closeness. I hope you feel better soon.

What Is Something I Can Do To Turn My Man On?

Lingerie? Sexual innuendos?

High Five? WTF?

Haha, that sounded so cringe-worthy just reading it. Sorry you had to go through that

I See You Trying

Cynic it's different person. It's a friend who been struggling with doing what is needed

Words Won't Flow

Cynic appreciate the effort lol
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