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The Metaphorical Garden

I once related Love to a weed, and now I return to the metaphorical garden. Like so: there is a little garden. And the garden has lots of nice flowers, like Entertainment and...

Late Night Epiphany

Love is like a weed. One of those sticky, spiky ones. And it just keeps growing and growing. When it was a little weed, it wasn't sticky or spiky, but as it grows, it gets...

Read this u will laugh (well propaly)

I only laugh at stupidity.
So, thank you for the laughs.

Fell in imdb trap..again

That movie is the great, what is wrong with you?! D:
...Rhys Ifans was probably the best part, though.

Homosexuals Must Change, Society Doesnt Have To

Agree with Mopy, but here are my words.
"Always" = Stereotype
Homophobia means fear of homosexuality. You're not afraid, you're just an asshole (Morgan Freeman said this, I agree!).
Did you ever think, "Huh, maybe gay bars are around so that drunk people can enjoy themselves, like any other bar, and not be beaten simply because a conservative didn't want to see men kissing. How considerate of them."
I highly doubt that ever crossed your mind.
People deserve to be themselves, no matter their sexuality. Asking them to change how they act just shows how inconsiderate you are. "This is your fault, gays, change yourself!"
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