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No Fireworks, Loooots Of Rain

D'AWWWWW! This sounds perfect! c:

Self destruction

Try this: Every time you get an urge, set a time for yourself. "If I make it till 10:30 without cutting, I know I have at least some will power." Keep doing this and if you don't cut at the time, if the urge passes or you just don't feel the need anymore, you'll feel more in control. it isn't easy but you have to get better. <3

I wonder

To me, it has two categories.
I love you as in "I would be devastated if I were to lose you and it would take a long, long time to get over it because I care deeply about you"
I love you as in "I have so many strong feelings for you and if the circumstances called for it, I would die for you. I want to spend my entire life with you, I want to be in your life as long as I live, I want to be your one and only and I want you to be mine."

Im super fat! extremly fat! i cant take it anymore!!

Stop eating so much and do something! Retard.
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