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Wow Wow Wow

When I first joined this website I was a 6th grader, and here I sit, an 11th grader, as of June 15th. The word junior sounds foreign. Do I really turn 17 this year? I mean am I...

What A Season

Is this season seriously already almost over? Like my sophomore year of soccer is about to be over. Where did the season go? Because I'm definitely not ready for the end of it...

There's A Chance

Sophomore year is such a weird year. I can start emailing colleges, but they can't correspond with me until this summer. Anyways, there's a chance I could play collegiate soccer....

Only 2 More Years

Sometimes it just kind of hits me that I graduate in 2 years. Like I don't want to say it shocks me but jesus how time flies. I feel accomplished where I am right now. Good grades,...
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Where Are Youuu, Yergurl23

SO I don't know if you'll see this, fall. But I miss youuu. I see you get on sometimes but it's literally never when I'm on. But if you do see this you should totally talk to me....
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Wow Wow Wow

I know! I don't believe it either! It's 100% weird. I only have to make it through this year and next before I'm off to college!

Wow Wow Wow

It really is. I mean time has flown

Wow Wow Wow

Yes sir I was!

Wow Wow Wow

Hey mopy! I've missed ya! And, Jack, I'm actually a right back, I did play keeper for a little whit but it didn't last long!

Old friends

I certainly do miss you, Fall :)
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