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Names Aniesha go follow my blog
101 secrets

I really hate you...

"NUFF SAID" hehe oops caps lock but really just go fuck yourself...

Freshmen year is almost over :( of the best years so far! It all went by so fast :/ but this summer is going to be pretty...eventful I guess is a good way to put it ...

Its starting again

And this time I dont know how its going to end ....FML...

Why was the dog sweating?

Because he was a hot dog! ...

So i was going thru my middle school stuff

I am lost and confused I wonder if he will come home safe I can hear the sighs of his dissapointment in me I see myself for who I truly am I want him to be proud...
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deftones - hole in the earth

When I first joined forever ago I had the biggest crush on you

Anyone excited for The Amazing Spider-Man?

personaly not at all...but the dark night rises thats what you should be worried about because batman is one of the best super heros DC had ever made

I really hate you...

right people seem to forget that

Freshmen year is almost over :(

this summer im going to chicago and florida and im soooo excited!!!!!!! lol going to do soo much shoping and going to the beach
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