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"E que o nosso amor renasça das cinzas para revivermos as chamas do nosso amor". Fenix
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I Don't Have Any Friends :(

I'm 21 and I finally got a job. But I still don't have any friends. I've never had friends, actually! :( I'm so alone. I work all day and I have to spend the rest of my day on my own,...

I've Changed So Much!

I'm a different person. I don't even remember who I was anymore. Going through all that s**t was worth it after all! Now I'm stronger and wiser than never before. I'm really lonely...

I Can't Believe

I had a job interview yesterday. It was all fine. All good. I didn't have a panic attack. I didn't run away. I was fine. But then, one of the male doctors who work there hit one me...

Stretch Marks Ruined My Life

Lol! What a pathetic loser. I have depression because of my body. I developed anorexia, bulimia and self harm because of my body. I have no dreams, no plans, no self respect because...

I'm On My Limit

I won't make it to 2015. I don't want to. I haven't left my house for probably 2 weeks now. I've been drinking like I never did before. I guess I can really call myself an alcoholic...
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I've Changed So Much!

i have no idea how I managed to upload a profile pic here.haha

Thanks! i'll try to delay sex as much as i can!

Need To Keep The إيمان

I feel your pain.

Wake Up Alone

Hey @loverboymoon,thanks for showing you care.

if you can,tell me your email so i can contact you.

I really appreciate it.

It Blew Out. ^ ^

Huge feeling of separation?Trust me,that's not an issue.
I feel out of place in my own house.I feel like a foreigner in my own town.I don't care about loneliness or the feeling of being an orange in the middle of grapes.

I already deal with it everyday of my life.It will follow me everywhere I go.There's nowhere to Run,right?

It Blew Out. ^ ^

That's f*****g awesome.

My inspiration from now on.There's just one thing missing:A boyfriend who looks like brad pitt. =D

Is japan a good place to live?Don't even mention the constant earthquakes and tsunamis.I'm willing to risk it all. hehe
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