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Mopy Is A Cunty

Nobody cares about her and everybody wishes that she was dead. -Derek...

Avoidance And Other Barriers

Nobody knows what you're talking about.

Brunch With Jamie

"My happiness isn't dependent on being with someone."

I don't want to presume to know who you are based on your online persona, but from a casual glancing of your posts, you do seem to be preoccupied with relationships a fair share of the time. Which is completely normal, but by refusing to acknowledge that, you seem to be convinced that you can be happy on your lonesome. And if that were true, you wouldn't expend so much mental and emotional distress surrounding the topic of men.

As far as you having bad experiences along the way (in your "non-picky" years), try to accept the fact that people grow in time, and most (young) people develop and become something else. After all, we all have experiences in life that change us and allow us to grow and mature (though, for me, that seems to be becoming more jaded and angry -- in order to protect myself), but some people do actually change for the better. So it might be worth letting your guard down, from time to time.

While I still stand by my earlier statements that men only care about sex and women only care about money (it's a blanket statement, but applies 99% of the time), I do think it's still possible to be a good person in spite of it. And once you attain sex and money, it's even easier to become charitable. . .because you're already happy with your life and you want to spread the joy. And especially when you're older* and more secure, those things matter a whole lot less, so it's easier to see past all the external and material things and actually look at the person within.

*Also, consider the fact that the longer you wait, the more prone you are to "settling" when options become limited.

Brunch With Jamie

You mean you really care what I think, or you're just putting me on?

Time is money. There is no time to waste on women who aren't willing, in the least. Eff them. They can have their perfect little lives with their perfect specimen. The beautiful ones can afford to wait for their 'prince' to come -- I am certainly not that. I am bottom of the barrel. Maybe you, Cynic, are blessed with good looks, wealth or whatnot, and can have your pick of the litter; I do not. I already know Mopy is picky AF, and the more she waits, the less her chances for happiness become (we all have an expiration date, and if you think there is anything more to you than appearance, see how easy it is to find someone when you're old).

Anyway, the "men and women can't be friends" debate is an old one. Just see When Harry Met Sally for comic reference. Spoiler alert: At the end, they get together. Maybe when one is secure in their own personal relationships, it would be possible to befriend the opposite gender; but if one is single and looking, it makes it difficult to maintain any kind of platonic relationship without crossing boundaries or else ending up in the "friend zone" -- which no willing male wants to be put in. I guess that's inherently creepy to always be 'on the prowl,' but what can I say. . . we're all, at our very basis, animals with animal urges.

Some people can admit that to themselves, and some people try to maintain the illusion that they're 'civilized' and above the common mentality. But strip all of the pretenses away and you're just as disgusting as the rest of us.

Brunch With Jamie

Keep telling yourself whatever you need to tell yourself.

There's a reason why the wealthy and the attractive are at the top. Everyone else has to fend for themselves.

And unicorns don't exist. They're just horses in disguise.

Brunch With Jamie

"I suppose I won't bother with any man again, except to start swindling money out of them"

That's what all women do anyway. That's why so many women whore themselves out for money. It cuts through all the red tape.

All men care about is sex and all women care about is money. Universal truths. There is no such thing as a good person or a "nice guy". Everyone is selfish and other people are just a means to an end. The sooner we embrace that, the sooner we can use it to our advantage.

Edit: I just realized I'm even more of a cynic than Cynic.
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