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I don't share all that I think. I don't think all that I share. What I don't share, the things that I don't write, it's all probably what you'd be pleased to see.
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Now, TODAY I Have Anger Issues

Like, in a complete f*****g rage. I hope the guy across the hall is f*****g dead and that's why he's been MIA for a week. I know his door is unlocked, and I so want to loot his unit,...

I Don't Know How To F*****g Play This

Electric guitars. I never understood how to play them in anyway that sounds good, as a fingerpicker. I've only tinkered with one once when I was a teenager. Now, my boy bestie sent me...
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Basil And Besties

Eight. There are now a total of eight basil sprouts in my egg cartons. Five of them alone only popped up just overnight, last night. I'm so excited, but now, I'm not sure what to do...

I Wish I Had A Date, Tonight

I love getting ready for and going on a classy night out. I love upscale, making a special effort to be a lady and feminine. I love a date who would appreciate the same. And, tonight...

Thar She Be!

And, oh so pretty they are! Two very wee basil sprouts popping up from the soil in the egg cartons! I harvested and saved these seeds, much after knowing that I could do so, both in...
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It Still Blows My Mind

Yeah, it's all kinda cool when you think about it. Or, disturbing, if you think about certain aspects of it.

All Sorts Of Disappointing

And, what do I have to be indignant about, and how was I otherwise insulted?

Some turd posts absolute nonsense about loving me for eight years, which could rather be upsetting, as I knew it was hooey (you don't love someone you've never met, for starters), then a week or two later, turns around and calls her a terrible person (as she's needlessly beating herself up for feeling like one, btw) for not swooning to some sexually objectifying, pressuring, creepy and desperate walking gnome with sociopathic traits, because you relate to him. Kind of f*****g sick.

All Sorts Of Disappointing

You think this is anger? Again, have you not read anything from my past here when I actually had a temper?

I am passionate and indignant when I'm purposely being insulted and not heeded when I'm right on the money. That's all you're witnessing, but this isn't anger.

All Sorts Of Disappointing

And, you claimed to have been in love with me for eight years, but you still prove with every comment you make, that you never really read anything of mine.

I have never claimed to have all the answers. I have often posted how I've been wrong about something, and that I like to be proven wrong if and when I am. I have often written about enjoying a bit of humility, and that's proven by the fact that I write of my shortcomings and flaws just as much as anything else, as I have even done on this very post! When I'm wrong, I have admitted it, and I have apologized. What the hell were you basing your eight years of "love" on? It was obviously nothing I had written, as you seem to have never read me, because I'm writing no differently than how I've written in the past, but suddenly, you don't know what you saw in me? I've always been doing my thing here, just like this. And, several times, you would absolutely have read that I don't have friendsies on this website, nor did I come here to make any, which makes the fact that I have acquired one or two in real life anyways from being myself on here kind of kickass. If I'm backed by anyone else here, it's because what I've written resonates in truth, not aimlessly because I'm a popular fan favourite. I'm not, as you should very much know after eight years. I don't have a false sense of security. I'm just very right when I'm right, and this is one of those times. It just happens to be you, this time, that my undesired scawwy truth is directed to, and you don't like it because you don't like the implications of what my being right means for you. That's all.

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