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I don't share all that I think. I don't think all that I share. What I don't share, the things that I don't write, it's all probably what you'd be pleased to see.
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Brunch With Jamie

That was really awkward. I'm sorry to have disappointed you, I could tell I did, so I overcompensated. Whatever. It cost me, but my conscious is sorta clear, now. I know how to fix...

Killed It (not In The Good Way)

This town is small. Thank the lord. It was my first open mic and it was not my lovely guitar that was basically abused by my incompetence. The microphone sounded so nice, too. My...
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OMG, Poor Fellow

It's probably a dude's worst nightmare to have that happen on him while having sex. Yick. What a time for my period to start! He was cool about it. He's been cool and great about a...

Sneaky Bloody Arses!

But, I got them before they got me. I don't often check my cable bill and statement, but something prompted me to do so, tonight, and I'm glad I did, because I saw an outrageous...

Go, Go, GO!

Goddamnit, that guy's a grumpy and miserable sod when he wants to be! Granted, he's in a lot of pain right now and not mobile. But, truthfully, he's always in pain and always...
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Brunch With Jamie

Wait a sec! LOL! My happiness isn't dependent on being with someone. I already was happy in love for nearly a decade and a half. But, not being picky in the first place ended causing me massive upset, grief, and bereavement beyond anything that I could have ever known. That kind of unhappiness is nothing I will ever go through EVER again, so dang right that I'm gonna be picky (not really picky, just specific) as I please, because I'm currently learning how to be truly happy living single potentially forever. So, no matter what, I'm paving a path that will make me happy with or without that love or partner thing. I'm not there yet, of course, the transition takes time, but I will be.

Ever finding someone suitable would be a very ideal addition to my life, but unhappiness would be to settle for less than the right match for me. Money and sex are superficial as eff, and I'm not going to give chances to anyone who shows himself to be that. See how happy you'll be when you're finally able to land the woman you really want to bang, then fall in love because of Miss. Pretty Freepuss, and down the road, eventually discover how happy you truly are because you didn't take the time to discover that she's the wrong one for you before you decided to fall in love with her and are then stuck with her and a depleted bank account.

Brunch With Jamie

"Keep telling yourself whatever you need to tell yourself."

Same back to ya.

Brunch With Jamie

Okay, so again, no listening to you, and be the decent person that I am, instead. Good! :)

Because, I'm a woman, and I don't care about money. So, it's not a universal truth. And, if I exist, then what must also exist is that not all men only care about sex.

Next up: Unicorns and Where to Find Them

Brunch With Jamie

If that's a universal truth, then I suppose I won't bother with any man again, except to start swindling money out of them for being superficial pieces of human hard-on trash. You'll all pay up if you think you're going to get sex, and I'm apparently really good at making guys think they're going to get it. But, you'll never get the sex, again, and I'm going to rob the eff out of you.

Nice guys or no, all the same, huh? Just that the nice guys are easier.

Do I have it right?

OMG, Poor Fellow

Add it with any slander you wish, I'm still the star in your specially created username, and you can't help but keep paying me attention, even though you know you shouldn't. That's how you're enamored with me.

I take up every other post because this place is quite dead, not because I'm posting any more frequently than what I've done in the past. There are no strangers here. There isn't really anyone here.
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