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I don't share all that I think. I don't think all that I share. What I don't share, the things that I don't write, it's all probably what you'd be pleased to see.
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Calming Down Again

It just doesn't help when my mother, who I take after in negative traits (oh, why couldn't I have inhereted her quick wit and mind, instead?) magnifies my own stress and frazzleness...

The Eternal Loser

As if this isn't already hard enough on me. I just had a disheartening conversation about my future living arrangements. This time, there was no open mind whatsoever about being in...

Too Long, Don't Read For Anyone Who Doesn't Love Me

I am so very open and broadminded in so many ways, ideas, concepts, philosophies. I can play devil's advocate to things no one else would. I could fully adopt two opposing mindsets to...

Better Ed Than Dead

Welcome to another weekend of leavemethefuckalone. That's right, I'm not working! I'm home! So, what better time for everyone to jump on that s**t and ruin it for me? Yeah, no. You...

My Hero :D

For the second time in 11 years here, I was iced in, today. I had an alternate exit, so it wasn't an emergency, but there are issues with using that other exit, so it's not trusty....
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The Eternal Loser

No, it's really not. Not for more than an hour or two. Just a reactive and defying tantrum in response to accumulating frustrations regarding crappy situation and circumstance.

Avoidance And Other Barriers

Anyone paying attention does.

I Got A Problem

Have you cheated in your past and he knows about it? Or, did you cheat on someone else with him or to be with him?

Or, yes, maybe he has a history of cheating, therefore will think that everyone else must also have that tendency?

By the way, three years ain't nothin'. It's actually the average time it takes for the initial infatuation and new relationship/honeymoon brain fog to completely wear off and no longer be the main playing factor in a relationship. But, in the grand scale, three years is a very short amount of time to invest in a relationship. Trust me that it's much better to end it now than 3 more years, or 3 more after that, or 3 more after that. When things start going off in a relationship, things don't reverse, they continue to keep going off, so, the time to nip the relationship entirely is in that budding stage, not after it has fully bloomed into the skunkcabbage it is, obviously wilting, having already sucked valuable nutrients from good soil to feed the rotting thing.

Unconvicted Of Unconvincing Inconveniences

Trust your instincts, as it is shocking how many untrustworthy people there are in this world, and devastating is how they can be the ones closest to you.

What you are experiencing are red flags. You know - without a doubt in your mind - what you want out of someone to both love and trust. I'm sure that you're quite specific. You likely know exactly the words you want to hear from someone that you intend to trust your heart with. Don't take anything less, or you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment (at the very least). I wouldn't trust those generic adjectives, either, although I once did and the results were catastrophic for me. Not just that, but in more recent times, I felt like I loved someone, yet couldn't really explain why, and I knew from that previous experience that it was because I didn't, just was highly infatuated. I proved myself right when less than two years later, I no longer felt that way.

I suppose, though, it depends on what you want from a love. If you don't care about permanence and aren't in it for the long haul, then I suppose it doesn't really matter. If you're looking for true love eternal, I would highly advise you to effing run!

Hair Isn't The Only Thing To Recede When You Get Older

Good to know. More motivation to keep my pot smoking days in the past. It could also be due to a misaligned bite, which I have from late-teenage orthodontic work. Could be a couple of other things, too. My dentist suggested that the one tooth may be from the frenum pulling my gum beside it. But, I'm glad it has been caught early and that I stopped smoking, so if it was due to that, it doesn't need to progress.
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