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I don't share all that I think. I don't think all that I share. What I don't share, the things that I don't write, it's all probably what you'd be pleased to see.
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No You Don't

Okay. I know it's time to change my life when I'm on POF and get messaged "you work at the *****, I recognize you". NO! You recognize me from this show or that movie, or for this song...

Here We Go Again

One can just feel the eyes roll. Another online dater wants to meet for coffee. How original. I'm so unenthused about any of it, anymore. I just don't think things come from this kind...

Don't Like This At All

I don't like this. I don't like being home without her. Last night, I listened to crickets and felt so bad that she was out there, away from me, buried at a place of family and love,...

Her 11th Year

I hope that it was a comfort to you that I was with you, right there, until your end. I hope you loved me. I hope you weren't scared. I don't know what happened or what exactly was...

The Weed In My Basil Garden

As my basil seedlings move on to sprouting their third sets of leaves, I decided to finally pluck the weedling out, tonight. It had been there from the beginning, growing all weird...
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I Hope I Meet You Again My Old Friend

There's nothing rude in what Cynic said. You just don't understand the truth in it, nor wish to. The advice was to help you not be disappointed (in this case or in other areas your life in general). People from grade one aren't the same as they grow older. The truth is that you no longer know this person, and the image you have of them and how you remember them is not true to what's real now.

You'll eventually come to learn this in life, so why delay for later what you could know now?

Here We Go Again

P.effin'.S: the more tattoos you adorn, the smaller penis and bigger p***y you are.

Proven fact.

Here We Go Again

And, you could always prove that you're a man and not the self-proclaimed p***y you are, by not letting some internet s**t get under your skin and rise above it.

Yeah, I'm the only one that gave you actual REAL SOUND advice, and not only won't you take it, you insist on airing your extreme butthurt about it, absolutely showcasing the weakassed wimp you are by attempting (and, by the way, failing to make any impact like the subordinate beta that you insist on being). You will do nothing to change your life, not even visit and spend time on a simple bloody website other than this that will help transform you into the god you wish to be. Instead, you waste time here, trying and failing to hurt me in a time of ACTUAL hardship, as I grieve during the loss a beloved companion.

Yeah, ever so hot. Keep on whining, little beta boy. You're making no friends here, nor attracting anything but negativity. Grow the f**k up, dicktard.

Her 11th Year

When she was a baby, before she even really knew me, because she was a surprise birthday gift for me from Tom, so she lived with Tom several months before we both lived on our own together here, we took her to the vet for the first time. She was put on a high examination table, where she couldn't jump from without great injury. She was scared, and though I wasn't living with her and she didn't even really know me well, but she clung to me there, buried herself in my chest above anyone else, which didn't seem quite right, but it did speak volumes, she chose me for safety and I always remembered that. She WAS a very smart bunny. . I dunno. Maybe. But, in the end, I was also the only one she had left. I should have done better. All I hope is that she didn't hate her life.

Her 11th Year

Everyone thinks so, but for her breed, 10-12 years or even early teens is their expectancy. She didn't die of old age. She was sick and I didn't help her. I didn't think it would get so bad so quickly, but I still did fail her, nearly every day of her life.

I'll try to remember the times I didn't, but it was mostly her being a sheer delight to me and me being a subpar human being to her.
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