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I don't share all that I think. I don't think all that I share. What I don't share, the things that I don't write, it's all probably what you'd be pleased to see.
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I Don't Love You, Either

And, you're the first person I ever wanted to marry. I don't care that you've just separated from your wife of 20 years. I'm really just disinterested in all of this love crap....

The Travelling Psychologist

I was accused of overreacting to what could have been a potentially dangerous psychological misdiagnoses. Overreacting? As if, "oh, it's just someone's mind and life and psyche, no...

Let's Unpack, First

Oh, boy. This is going to be funny. But, it's not just yet. The Derek absence still doesn't bug me much, but when time passes upon a resting subject, I tend to start thinking more...

What I Want Vs. What I Need

I just got what I want: my hours cut from work. Not only is this a long weekend, but I now have Tuesday off as well. I received my schedule for the next week, and right-o, 2 days off....

Go To Work

Haven't seen Derek in a week and a half, and no word by text all week. We're not speaking, this time, for no real good reason. Nothing to f├╝cking say that would interest the other, I...
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And, It Starts Again

I wasn't wrong, before. I was meant to be here, but I think it's to fight what I didn't fight before, to fix what was always wrong. To succeed in breaking the blockade. THIS is the effing barrier, it was since childhood. The real problem I've always had is staring at me in the face. No more guesswork required. It's so obviously Psych 101 that it's embarrassing. Now is my time to finally fight it and win against it. There is no other choice, and I am not failing. Not this time.

I Think It's Time For Me To Win Something

There are some people who cannot bear a party of pleasure.

Life Of Regret

So, just be selfish and happy, then. As long as you keep it to yourself and not involve or include anyone else, it hurts no one and why not choose to be alone? People are so disappointing and fail you, eventually making you miserable, why even bother with 'em. I've observed enough to know that the selfish ones are the happiest. . . somehow.

You Love Charm

Blaming the victim is what sociopaths do to theirs.

Question For Women:

You can do it, but you'll come off like every other guy who does this, and the message translates the same to "hi, I'm shallow and superficial and like you for your looks first and foremost". It'd be better to either find something different to compliment (something that is her doing and choice and reflects her personality), or just don't bother.
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