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I don't share all that I think. I don't think all that I share. What I don't share, the things that I don't write, it's all probably what you'd be pleased to see.
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Our Weirdo House

I was recently told to tone my POF profile down, as it is too deep, so detailed that it makes me seem boring. I don't think that boring is anything anyone who has ever been with me...
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Setting Up Innocence Traps

It's completely obvious as to what I'm doing. The frisbee I bought, the bicycle, the childhood street reunion last weekend and seeing people I haven't seen since childhood, feeling...

Dead Life Sparkle

I was most excited to be dropped off at home, today, and even a little annoyed that I wasn't here earlier. I always get excited about riding my bike, though I've only been on it...

Era Shift Adjustments

The end of an era, indeed. My building is back to full-tenancy status, which means all units are occupied. And, by the sounds of things, the fun-time party building circa Derek-era,...

Play The Games, Miss The Fight, But Don't Stop Cleaning

After 2 days of silence, he sends "hey how are you". Ignored. That's right, girl, don't jump at his beck and call just because he's looking for candy. You just go ahead and play that...
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Ex Gf Messaged Me, Then I Did This

Good man! Keep it up!

Fallen Angels Want Me Bad

Feeling very similar, myself.

Era Shift Adjustments

Okay, LOL! Eating it! :D Holy Hannah.

Life Is Calling

Wow! Thanks for your reply! I don't know anyone who actually owns hens, so it was great to read your experience and advice. :)

"OMG, You Sing To Yourself SOOO Much"

He's a f*****g a*****e, really. But, it seems only towards me, and only some of the time. I just don't understand. I wish I had the guts to just cut him out.
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