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I don't share all that I think. I don't think all that I share. What I don't share, the things that I don't write, it's all probably what you'd be pleased to see.
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"Come Get More"

Just after I said that I find the sex boring, along came last night. He was pouring sweat over me, spent a marathon amount of time at it, is suffering soreness this morning. But, it...

Life Is About Trying Not To Fart

I don't get it, anymore. It's not like last summer or the summer before that. I've gained some weight back. Flapping in the wind, I can feel the return of double chin. Now, while...

Please Stop Being Scared Of Checking Your Bank Account

This has been going on for too long. It's actually quite feverish, this fear, and I don't understand it. I evade paying my bills, I avoid looking at my bank balance at all costs. It...
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"You Always Forget"

Is this some kind of insipid joke? What, have no real reason to be unimpressed with me so you create crap in your head? Last night, he told me to remind him to take the garbage with...

Estranged Tween Pals

For a few months in grade nine, this girl and I were laughing buddies, peas in a pod, pretty dang close, near besties. We had been at each others places for birthday parties and such....
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Please Stop Being Scared Of Checking Your Bank Account

God gives me chances. Like, a tax credit cheque, and a larger paycheque than I expected.

First things first, I called my bank about the inordinate amounts that they have been charging me a month. Figured out why, easy fix: stop using my debit card for purchases. Cash only. Fine, sort of knew that already, but thought there was a charge cap per month. There isn't. Boils down to: be responsible and accountable. Fine, fine. I've been that way in the past, I can do it now.

Next up: Goodbye Goodlife Fitness. That's a service that I don't use for a whole lot of money a month. Since, I think, February. I could have purchased that bicycle and got fit that way for the amount that I've wasted by not going to the gym and paying for it.

Coming up: Rogers, give me that damn credit for the week my internet was out! And, while we're on the phone together, maybe consider ditching my landline or fish for a current promotion that can help me out.

"You Always Forget"

It's kinda backwards with me. I started off loving the crap out of myself. I still feel I do. My instinct is to feel all sorts of positive about myself, that I'm amazing and fabulous, extremely beautiful and unique and wonderful. So talented, full of idealistic traits and values. However, my love life and past paints a picture of myself being a person that no one can truly love. I won't go into how deep this goes, but at 38, I have to admit to having never been loved by any man, though I have been thoroughly misled many times and for extremely long periods of time, that I had been. Psychologically, it takes its toll. I now find myself single and not at all anyone that any decent single man wants to even date. It's not like I'm not "out there", either. I'm just, somehow, repulsive to anyone's romantic sensibilities. Some bloody plague.

Why am I with this guy? Well, I'm technically not. It's not a relationship. Again, another male who wants nothing to do with me, romantically. He's just someone to focus on or do until someone better comes along, either on my end (pattern seems unlikely this will happen) or his (doubt he'll stay single much longer). Why do I put up with his crap? Because, it's not always crap from him, there are good times, too, but mainly, because there is no one else to put up with.

Am I Obsessed With Her?

No, but that's coming from me, which probably doesn't bode well.

I Hope I Meet You Again My Old Friend

There's nothing rude in what Cynic said. You just don't understand the truth in it, nor wish to. The advice was to help you not be disappointed (in this case or in other areas your life in general). People from grade one aren't the same as they grow older. The truth is that you no longer know this person, and the image you have of them and how you remember them is not true to what's real now.

You'll eventually come to learn this in life, so why delay for later what you could know now?

Here We Go Again

P.effin'.S: the more tattoos you adorn, the smaller penis and bigger p***y you are.

Proven fact.
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