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I don't share all that I think. I don't think all that I share. What I don't share, the things that I don't write, it's all probably what you'd be pleased to see.
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It Just Figures, Horseshoed-a*s Boy

That every single CD in your Civic's player was left unscathed from your accident, without a scratch. All but one. The only CD in the bunch that was mine. All of yours were left in...

Pace Thyself, Woman

Holy crap, now that I feel that I can, boy, do I ever want to spend. . . immediately. I want everything that I've been longing to purchase all at once, and I want to wait no second...

Derek Drew A Card

From my new Marseille tarot deck. I haven't read through much of my learning book for tarot nor practiced any lessons, but I have handled them, and would like to get to know them....

A Month Of Goodbye And Welcome Back Ahead

I'm so excited. I'm spoiling myself big time, this weekend. I'm celebrating the end of scraping by and living on a deficit. As of today, I am no longer poor. I've waited a very long...
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Please Let This Work Without Any Effing Hassle

I know, impossible request for me regarding. . . well, ANYTHING in life, especially those things that are all figured out, all in order, should be simple, sensical, reasonable,...
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Lee-stepdad F**k Me


Someone missed the lesson from a few secrets down.

Dad Loves My Feet

"I am 16" isn't something that happened, it's something that is. And, as Cynic said, it's not true, otherwise, you wouldn't have even wrote it, especially as an opener.

Need Guy Advice

I didn't even read it all. Just caught where you agreed to him that this is casual, then scrolled to where you predictably asked if there's anything more, if he's into you.

That's not a question that someone who agreed to be cool with casual asks.

Here you go: no, you're not cool with casual, you lied, and absolutely no, he's not at all into you. And, you're not allowed to be upset about it whatsoever. It's the pill that you have to swallow for bullcrapping about your own intentions. But, if he were into you, you would know it, it'd be obvious, and you wouldn't need to ask.

I Feel So Alone

People only care about themselves, and that's it. Even if someone gave a crap about you, it's only to serve their own purposes until something better comes along. Human beings are truly disgusting, and should probably be the last things you seek for any kind of dependence regarding. . . well, anything. . . including basic companionship, and certainly never anything so complex as selfless love or care. Effing crap doesn't exist.

The Tried And Failed Method

I know I did not succeed. Hence the title. Tried. Tried, and, failed.

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