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3 years and counting when will this go away?

3 Years ago I met a guy who I thought might have been the biggest jerk ever.But as time passed I got to notice there was something different about him.And so I stuck around to see if...


These dreams that I am having are so weirdly real.That I wake up feeling however my dream made me feel and it usually lasts for almost half of my day.From whether it's a terrible...

3 years and counting when will this go away?

I've tried everything, but somehow one day when I'm close to forgetting about him he pops back up in my life.

I hate being 'this person'

Sometimes they are stuck in your head because their supposed to be there. Everything happens for a reason. Even if it doesn't happen right away. Whether it's learning from the mistake. Or eventually running into them later down the road.

3 years and counting when will this go away?

I don't know at the same time I'm bestfriends with his sister who says to just give him time, and eventually he'll grow up and own up. I just don't feel like there's anyone I could look at the same way I do when I look at him.

Insicurity is me

I agree. From a girl's perspective I can say this probably describes me. Especially on the overthinking part.
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