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I am a conscientious conundrum committed to providing you with the confusion and commitment you crave.
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Fallen Angels Want Me Bad

I want to feel good. I am tired of this fked up body. This fked up outlook. This fked up life. What did I really do to deserve this? I'm a good person. I'm kind pretty much. I don't...
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When You Feel The Connection

To someone. Don't take it for granted! Don't ignore it or dismiss it. It doesn't happen to everyone. Why is so hard? Idk...

I'm Not Trying To Be Depressing

I'm going to be good and you will be sorry.I just have to get past this time in my life. I will meet someone worthy. I'm a good woman.I just have some real concerns as I should. I've...

Tomorrow I Hope

Something good comes of it. This pain I've endured for two weeks has to stop. I can't work or do much. It's so hard to function. I'm going to see Dr....

Ugh Such A Bad Day

I'm lost. I'm alone. I'm suffering. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I'm idk what to do. I'm tired of everyone's crap and the world is a cesspool or crap. I'm in pain. I have had all I can take...
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I'm Gay

Haven't had a decent p u s s y? Or you just like being dominated!?

What A Horrible Monster And Disgusting Sick Human Being

Yeah and whatever someone has done has nothing to do with you. That person may have asked for forgiveness and mercy to their God.they don't need your OK or acceptance! If someone has survived the horrible acts of humanity and still shown compassion to fellow men and women but spit on just the same. Whats it say about them? They cannot give the sane forgiveness to her or him when she or he is going through a rough patch and being hateful. Take your self Righteous insight and indignity and shove it.

Life As Of Now

Yeah well some people are too much you probably. Some people don't want to think so f*****g

Man Is Beast

B******t.good luck with that idiocy. Well if you kill yourself, you will go to purgatory and be tortured by Satan's minions and then in your can torture the living until you ask for God's mercy on your soul.
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