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:) let me know if you need to talk, ill be here for anyone through anything. i promise. & if you dont believe me, try me(:
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I realize that i need

To talk to someone about my relationship who DOESN'T know me or the guy well. anyone bored?(: haha by the way, I dont expect any vollenteers.but if there are any, I will...

Just thinking about losing him

Makes me want to throw up ]: does that mean I love him?...

Ive never been so scared in my life

I guess ill start off from the beginning: this has been a crazy weekend.i drank, a lot, on both saturday and also sick which causes my asthma to act up which makes me take...

I gotta stop drinking on sundays

I'm gunna fuck up my whole life someone help me];...

So today:

The leader of all of the boys in our group of friends said that all of the guys dont want us girls to sit there with them any more.he blames it all on one girl, who he hates.and says...
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It's Another Day

this is the first time I've logged on in over a year, It's crazy how some things are still the same. didn't expect to ever read a post from you, or hear the name cynic ever again! crazy (:


been there. done that. i know what you're going though. fuck your friend for letting him get with her, and fuck him for simply being an inconsiderate asshole. fucking people.

Shh keep this a secret

i think we all do that to some extent. i dont think most people will admit it though. based on my own personal experiences, sometimes i catch myself trying to see who will like me even if i dont flirt with them. so i dont lead them on necessarily, but i do take note on whether or not they end up liking me for my real personality.
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