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You Love Charm

The devil is and always will be a gentleman. That is how he will get you. Too blinded by chilvary to not notice even the slightest thing out of the ordinary. Your oblivious nature...
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Closed Doors Hide A Lot

Secrets.the thing every single person on this planet has. I can't help but wonder what goes on behind the closed doors everyone resides behind. Behind one door Your best friend...
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My Dad Diddled My Peepee In The Shower

I can't help but think about the squirrel in ice age

Hard To Relate

No one is ever going to understand you completely, you most likely don't even understand yourself completely. Everyone wonders why they feel the way they do or why they do the things they do and if you don't know the answer to those questions yourself no one else could possibly "get" you. if you want someone who thinks like you on all points your dying alone.

Closed Doors Hide A Lot

Excuse my grammar mistakes it's 5:29am