We Want Peace

If you are white and live in Beverly Hills, you can get about 90% of this Utopia. You just won't get the ethnic poor strangers to hug everyday that ask you for money. #almostthere

Rum And Wine

I put whiskey in my wine and called it brandy.

Help Im Too High

drink a bunch of water, less than a gallon though, don't drown your cells, and get on the treadmill. eat a ton of carbs and protein, and take multivitamins, especially b-12. your heart rate is up unnaturally. Exercise helps, the food helps metabolize the drugs and gets out of your system faster.

(Make Money)Social Free Earning Site ~ 1000 Coin Worth 10$ Easily!

wow, 1000 coin worth $10 easy? where in the world can I get pennies? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS WIZARD!

How To Get Your Ex Wife Back

Glad things worked out, now, i have a great opportunity to help both you and your family out. You see, I'm a nigerian princethat has been exiled to the united states. I have funds that need to be released from a souht african account. If you provide me your bank account info, and just $2500, I can open the account worth $15 millions. I can give you a large poriton of this for your efforts. just go to lolhello.com to read more about it.

Stuff On Lunch

I would love to have a life where my only worry was about square footage. I think we all would.

Can we all pretend, for just one minute, that we all never made any bad decisions, nothing bad happened to us, we didn't do bad things to other people, and life is peachy.

So I Wanted To Meet People

Damn, I'll have what you're having

Hey Guys

some things are unforgivable my child


secret talk is on fire today with the funny stuff

Cynic Is Dead

this is funny to me

Vote For Me And Let America Burn!

it's gonna be uuuuge

I Really Can't Believe That There Is No

Was it a certain someone that made you want to move there

I'm Not A Very Cynical Person. Except When It Comes To Jews

sucks that you're not as valuable as they are.jealous

Fourth Reich To Unify All White People

I'm coming too, on your mom's face.

I Might Never Be Able To Have Kids

I'm sorry you are going through this. Hopefully he will understand.

Art Project Stories!

what are you looking for, anything in particular?

I Like To Put My PeePee In Pudding

all the pudding I've had sex with doesn't take shape, and they never call me back. you must be referring to jello molds. they are gentle lovers.

You Just Can't Stay Away From Me, Can You?

stuck in love's limbo, what a terrible place to be, so frustrating!