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“‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is equally important: ‘Fat Chicks need lovin too'(Matthew 22:36-40)
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Ex Gf Messaged Me, Then I Did This

I'm married, and I have no intention of cheating on my wife. She has access to all of my accounts, I don't care if she sees anything, it's all boring work stuff anyway. I get a...

Ah The Past And All It's Glory

have you ever felt this before? a small trigger that gets you reminiscing about the terrble things you did in the past. the guilt and the fear? and you go in an all out panic because...

Question For JustSTFU Or Anyone Else Who Can Answer This

What's the name of the e with the squiggly on top of it? ê. you use it alot and I've can't remember the name, and of course, googling "how to get the squiggly thing on top of your...

I'm Asking For Advice

I'm pretty sure I'm depressed, I have job anxiety. I'm getting threats every day that I will most likely be fired (it's a sales tactic to motivate by fear). I didn't make my quota...

Angel, Be Effective With Your Message By Doing This

If you are determined to get a bill passed to disclose ALL negative data in clinical trials, then just say "hey, help me sign this petition and get it to my local legislature office....
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We Want Peace

If you are white and live in Beverly Hills, you can get about 90% of this Utopia. You just won't get the ethnic poor strangers to hug everyday that ask you for money. #almostthere

Rum And Wine

I put whiskey in my wine and called it brandy.

Help Im Too High

drink a bunch of water, less than a gallon though, don't drown your cells, and get on the treadmill. eat a ton of carbs and protein, and take multivitamins, especially b-12. your heart rate is up unnaturally. Exercise helps, the food helps metabolize the drugs and gets out of your system faster.

(Make Money)Social Free Earning Site ~ 1000 Coin Worth 10$ Easily!

wow, 1000 coin worth $10 easy? where in the world can I get pennies? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS WIZARD!
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