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Mixed Signals Ofc

So i had this dream where im like in the car with an older lady and shes talking about how i had previously dated this teacher of mine and how its going to work with us and im like...

You Never Really Know Until

Its you. You never know why people hurt themselves or why they do anything really until suddenly its you going through it and everything makes sense. All of a sudden its beyond...

Should Have Known

I had a dream last night and of someone imparticular too. I hadn't thought about her in ages. I should have known I would run into her today. My Dreams always have some hidden agenda...

Life As Of Now

" I don't know" has got to be the worst three words ever. I don't know if I'm sure of us anymore I don't know if I can do this I don't know why I do know that I'm sick of...
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Night Out Nightmare

It had been what? like half a year? Half a year since I last had seen you. Out of all places too. I've never run into you here before. This was my safety place. I could be whoever I...
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Here It Is

Thank you. At least there are some decent people still on here. :)

Here It Is

The reason I replied was not in that intention. You see. You haven't. Im just here to say you were unsuccessful.

Right back at you.

Here It Is

So your main purpose was what? To hurt me because you can't and you won't. So quit trying.

Here It Is

You know what, I didn't post for 4 days because of this s**t. Its funny you think you have some sense of authority on here. It wasn't a "fantasy" but it was cute. Unlike other stories like mine I'm not 12. Im 17 nearly 18 where things will be legal. Im not some s**t either using her. I care for her and I don't give a f*** about what you or anyone else with negative and jealous thoughts have to say. So f*** you and have a nice day :)

This Used To Be A Nice Site

This post means a lot to me. Being accused as a troll many times and I think to myself why can people judge even the anonymous.
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