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Thinking Of You

I think of you everyday, missing and craving your touch. Wishing thing were different. Always now how much i care for you, and that I will never forget what we had....

Its Been Afew Days

It has only been a few days and I miss you so much. The sadness I feel for losi g my lover more importantly my friend is killing me inside. If you would just respond, the darkness...

Hlgirl Missing You

I know this is hard for me but if it is what you want i will support you. I will always care about you no matter what happens or how far apart we are. I wish we met at a differt time...

You All Of You

I miss your face, your eyes, your kiss, your lips. I miss your touch so soft and tender. I love everything about you and cant wait until we can be together again....

It's About Time!

Finally I got to taste his lips again. I got to feel his hands on me. He makes me feel more than no man has ever been able to. I can still feel him on me. I want and crave him so...
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" My Eyes Adore You."

Beautiful you!

" Within That Moment,"

At work yesterday day when it was time for me to leave i went clocked out and got my stuff and as i was headed for the door i changed my mind i needed to see him one last time so i went to his area and as soon as he saw me his face lit up into this amazing smile that was just for me.

" Within That Moment,"

I don't understand why our lives seem so similar, same thoughts and feelings and right down to you new post that happened to me just today

" Within That Moment,"

Who are you? Your words are amazing and touch every part of me.

" This Desired Feeling Within."

I have talked to him. I need someone who wants more than just the physical intimacy.
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