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Take The MTA And Realize You Can't Go On Nsfw Website With Its Network

I know a trick you can do. If you use MTA Internet you know you can't go on nsfw websites since you probably watch hentai all the time. So I have a trick yo do. First you need to have...
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This Site Is Weird

So the other day I was scrolling through this site and I saw the weird s**t like I almost had sex with my 8 year old neighbor. I was like wtf. Then I read it and at the bottom of it...

I Really Want A Girlfriend

I realize how sad I am in life although I'm 13, I really wish I had a girlfriend since I'm pretty sad and when I don't have one my friends think I'm gay since I only have male...

This Site Is Weird

O s**t I almost had sex was my story oh f me if anyone wants part 2 to what happened then comment here

This Site Is Weird

Wtf though

I Really Want A Girlfriend

Damn, life can be hard. Even when I ask my mother why no one likes me she just says in time someone will. I'm not sure but I think the reason why is that I'm ugly but I'm not. I keep thinking that way but I know it's not true. I fell bad when someone know how there life will be. Broken, but I hope you can at least someone who is right for you. You still have a long life. Even if you are at least 30 you have about 70 more years to live. You made me realize that all saying aren't true but they still might happen.

A wise man once told me " Believe it!" Naruto 2002

I Really Want A Girlfriend

Wtf is wrong with me

There's No Place For Me In This World

I don't know why but I think life is meaningless since everyone who ever came in your life will die. Everyone and Evey will die eventually, so what's the meaing?
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