It’s Finally Over

Alphadogs father I wanted to say thank you I'm sorry for the problem I hope the best for you and your familys future

It’s Finally Over

Alphadog1 Hi I'm Jazzy I'm Haley's friend who reported her situation to the counsler and I have a few things to say to you. How about you shut the f**k up you perverted creep if you want to take your nasty self somewhere else I would appreciate it deeply you know what's really f****d up you'd let a twelve year old get raped! If you were an adult I know you wouldn't act like that so I'm going to guess you're 14-17 so please take your sexually frustrated self somewhere else possibly off the face of the earth and leave my best friend alone!

It’s Finally Over

Alphadog1 I have a question for you how would you like to be raped and watch you stepmom get beaten and because you had to go through that you hated yourself to the point you attempted over and over to kill yourself also I dont own skirts cause I don't like them I have shorts and pants I'm sorry if u feel that way though your opinion is yours

Hey There Guys,

Thanks for your comment on my story it’s nice to know there’s still people as nice as you

Good Evening, Or Morning

I wanted to say thank you for your comment on my story the world needs more people like you

I Can’t Think Of A Title Lol

Cynic I honestly hate you you can go f**k off byeeeee

I Can’t Think Of A Title Lol

URQ if you do read this I was wondering who that was that you told me to contact because I’m really considering that

IM A Lot Better


I'm too scared to even tell my dad I'm gay

My friend Karmen knows how that feels she is afraid to tell her parents and she is a teen just like you if you would like it I could try to get her to talk to you

I Need Some Advice About My Dad Touching Me

Cynic I don't want too loose my dad and i don't think u realize how hard it is for me btw u don't have too be sow rude

What Is Wrong With Me?

I want too thank you for your support in one of my stories it means a lot too me that I have more people too support me thanks again