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I'm a 12 year old girl going too middle school. I love dogs and my family I'm a certified babysitter and my best friend is Jessica I have one brother and two step brothers I'm not very fond of my stepmom but she still loves us
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IM A Lot Better

I don’t even know we’re to start well so at the beginning of the 7th grade year I cut myself because I felt ugly, stupid, poor, and I mostly felt alone after a while I stopped and...

I'm Super Depressed

So I just got a diary app so I can talk about everything going on and I am not a happy person I think about killing myself because I don't matter to the world and my friend got really...

I Think I'm Going Too Tell My Mom About My Dad

So if u read my last story this one will make more sense but just in case this is about my dad touching me since I was five and now I'm 12 but anyway I think I'm going to talk to my...

I Need Some Advice About My Dad Touching Me

I'm a 12 year old girl and my father touches me. When I was 5 my dad showed me a video of the birds and the bees after that I ( I was scared of the dark at that age) was going too...

I'm too scared to even tell my dad I'm gay

My friend Karmen knows how that feels she is afraid to tell her parents and she is a teen just like you if you would like it I could try to get her to talk to you

I Need Some Advice About My Dad Touching Me

Cynic I don't want too loose my dad and i don't think u realize how hard it is for me btw u don't have too be sow rude

What Is Wrong With Me?

I want too thank you for your support in one of my stories it means a lot too me that I have more people too support me thanks again
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