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I'm a 12 year old girl going too middle school. I love dogs and my family I'm a certified babysitter and my best friend is Jazzy I have one brother and two step brothers btw if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all sorry but some people are way to judgy
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Well I'm Still Here

I don't know how to handle this anymore I thought that I was finally going to be OK but I'm not. I'm falling apart all over again cause I was stupid enough to fall in love with a guy...

It’s Finally Over

So I told my friend about how my dad came In my room the other night and touched me (she knows the everything I trust her with my life ) and I told her I wanted to talk to my schools...

I’m Still Here

So surprisingly I’m still here. A couple days ago I took 18 pills but was going to take 20 but the bottle was almost empty and it looked like so many pills that I decided that would...

I Can’t Keep This Up

So I don’t know what to do anymore it’s not like I can trust people enough to open up to them. So I opened up to Luke and he dumped me cause he didn’t know how to handle someone as...

Guess What I’m Still Alive

So I’m still not doing well and I’m currently grounded because of lying to my mom and calling her stupid. So she was yelling at me the other day and made me go to my room and I sat...
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It’s Finally Over

Alphadogs father I wanted to say thank you I'm sorry for the problem I hope the best for you and your familys future

It’s Finally Over

Alphadog1 Hi I'm Jazzy I'm Haley's friend who reported her situation to the counsler and I have a few things to say to you. How about you shut the f**k up you perverted creep if you want to take your nasty self somewhere else I would appreciate it deeply you know what's really f****d up you'd let a twelve year old get raped! If you were an adult I know you wouldn't act like that so I'm going to guess you're 14-17 so please take your sexually frustrated self somewhere else possibly off the face of the earth and leave my best friend alone!

It’s Finally Over

Alphadog1 I have a question for you how would you like to be raped and watch you stepmom get beaten and because you had to go through that you hated yourself to the point you attempted over and over to kill yourself also I dont own skirts cause I don't like them I have shorts and pants I'm sorry if u feel that way though your opinion is yours

Hey There Guys,

Thanks for your comment on my story it’s nice to know there’s still people as nice as you

Good Evening, Or Morning

I wanted to say thank you for your comment on my story the world needs more people like you
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