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im gnirps, i have feelings, and i like to talk about them here
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Broke Up With Boyfriend Of 2 Years

I have mental health issues, anxiety and depression, which have been peaking lately. I suggested we should break up cause I felt like I wasn't being good to him. I feel like I'm a...
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I Am A Jealous Person

My boyfriend is better than me in almost everything he tries. I bought a ukulele and he came over today, started picking it up instantly. I love his creativity and talents. I like...
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@fuzzysad's Post About Dying

i hate people too. i dont think i'd do it on a holiday though. maybe my birthday or the day my dad died. thats what i wanted to do originally anyway. maybe not at all, who knows. but...

What's On My Mind

i love my friends so much. every day i get to hang out with them, i'm so much happier. when i know i get to see them, my mood completely changes. i like meeting new people too. i just...

Everything Sucks So I'm Going To Talk About It On The Internet

I can't stop crying, It's really awful, and I just want to not live. I keep on tearing up through out the day and I have no reason to. On the bus, on the train, in school. I get...
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What's On My Mind

i don't think i'll ever find someone who truly understands all sides of me, you know? i'm looking. i dont know. it takes me a while to understand things from everyone's perspective and i never know if i do for sure so i assume people will never see things from my side either

Everything Sucks So I'm Going To Talk About It On The Internet

if i was an attention whore, i'd post this s**t on facebook. i'm genuinely sad and i want advice on how to make it better. thanks for reading though, i guess.

Nobody Cares About Anything Relatively Important?

I'm gonna write about a similar story that happened to me.
When I was in high school, some girls were talking about their fake ID's, the conversation was so loud it actually interrupted class and the teacher just sat down gave up. So I, being lame or whatever, mentioned some conflict in India I read about and how they shouldn't obsess over something like fake ID's when it'll work itself out, there are worse things, etc. A girl turned to me and said, "Yeah, but like. why should we even care? I mean it's not in America, you know? So why is it a problem? Like, I'll start caring when it happens in our state maybe. It doesn't affect me, maybe when it affects me, right?" And her friends and her started laughing. So yeah

I Live In A Fantasy World

I actually do something similar.
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