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I've Had Some Of The Greatest Experiences Of My Life While Gaming

Isn't it kind of sad that to achieve anything in this world, you have to do it virtually? I guess a certain generation of people can't understand this way of thinking. They make me...

Life Of Regret

If I were to die today and my life flashed before my eyes, I would regret about 90% of it. All the years I spent slaving in school and working. All the years I wasted being miserable...

I Miss 100% Of The Shots I Take

I'm running out of fuel. Too hard to find a reason anymore. I don't even want to try. I wonder where people get all that energy....

I'll Never Understand Why People Who Have Everything Kill Themselves

Depression is real. I know that because I live with it every day. So do a lot of people. But there are things that could make depression easier to live with. One would be to actually...

Question For Women:

Am I allowed to compliment you on your looks anymore? This isn't a troll question and in fact I won't even anonymize my name. Just curious because in the days of MeToo and Times Up,...
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I Hope I Leave

It sounds like you're the one who got f****d over, so why are you apologizing to the world? You don't owe anyone anything. I've learned a long time ago that you can't depend on other people, you can only trust yourself (if that). Nurture yourself and find a new reason to move on.

(Apologies if I've interpreted this the wrong way)

Life Of Regret

Ha, I've tried every single dating site in the books. All it does is lead to more misery, especially when you're constantly being ignored or rejected by every single person you reach out to. It all boils down to appearance, and dating sites are inherently superficial. Women have their choice and I've always been picked last. (In that way, it's a lot easier for women to find someone they want to hang out with.)

I've Had Some Of The Greatest Experiences Of My Life While Gaming

The thing about lonely people is that they tend to be loners and hard to meet. I've always had a hard time making friends, even as a kid in school. I don't see that ever happening as a jaded adult, either. Being alone isn't always a choice, especially when it's been thrust upon you your entire life. Anyway, it seems like technology is all about isolating and forcing people apart (if Black Mirror is any indication), so I'm just adapting to the times. It's not that sad, as long as I keep myself continually distracted and don't think about it. ;)

I'll take your literary recommendation into consideration, thanks.

Life Of Regret

Being selfish, I want everything; the best of both worlds. It would be nice to have some companionship every once in awhile instead of always being alone.

I Miss 100% Of The Shots I Take

Some people never get better. They live life in an endless loop.
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