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Haha This Is Too Funny

There are a lot of things I was going to comment about on this post, but then I saw that Fuzzy said:

"There isn't enough medication in the world to treat the kids that will come out of your rotten self."

And it made me laugh.

Sorry I Guess

I'm also 15, and first came here when I was 12. There are other users around this age, but leave because they can't take internet people being rude to them.

And I wouldn't think for a minute that anybody here is all-knowing and wise. You never stop learning about life, no matter if you are an 'adult' or not.

This Used To Be A Nice Site

Maybe you act the same, but many people don't. That was what I was talking about.

And yes, I am very aware of your dislike towards me.

This Used To Be A Nice Site

I wonder what everyone constantly on the internet would do if it dissapeared. Since everyone is so used to it and accustommed to not getting consequences for their speech.

Out, Out, Abrasive Stench

I do that when I have no where to be more days. For the past four months, if I'm at home, I am in my bright hot pink fuzzy sweatpants that say 'Oh Snap' and have gingerbread men on them being snapped in half. I think I've washed them once in all the time I've owned them. I'm wearing them now.
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