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Just a place I want to store my thoughts. Sure I could have a personal diary and not post it online but I feel more relieved when i write here. Its like someone else can read it, where my diary no one can
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So We Meet Again :)

So, there was this guy I liked in highschool. We were friends and I developed a crush on him. He's not exceptionally good looking, he's got quite an average face, he was the class...

Just The Words I Needed To Hear :)

Lately I had been feeling lonely, and annoyed at my lack of communication skills with friends and even strangers. I envied tight knit friendships and even my own friends that went out...

A Friendly Invitation

So tonight I've been invited to attend a birthday party from a highschool friend. We're not exactly close, just the occational conversations here and there. We mainly know whats going...

When Is The Next Hello?

In my last year of highschool, I tried my best to talk to more people (quite unsuccessful). Unlike my friends who were more than happy to cut as many people off as they pleased, I...
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A Friendly Invitation

Yes actually there was, unfortunately I didn't end up going though :( On the way there my car got rear ended by a car that was way too close to mine. So now my car's getting repaired and I didn't have anyway of getting to his birthday. The party seemed fun though so it's great he enjoyed his night :)