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"if You Want Peace, Prepare For War"

If you want peas, prepare for more!

At least you are positive about everything. I have been for the most part lately as well. Probably because I get out of the house more often. Somehow, it helps.

My Tomato Plants

Reminds me of when my friends brother was growing marijuana in the house and he told his mom it was a tomato plant. I don't think she even knows to this day that he wasn't even growing tomatoes lol.

We Need The Yolocaust

I'll mass murder you.I'll mass murder you good.

The Perks Of Being Mexican

Perks of being American

I am craving a Number 6 from wendy's.

Perk because I won't feel like a fat a*s, and know all the Number 6's at all the fast food places around here - they're all chicken sandwiches! haha.

Become An Antibiotic. Stop The Stupidity

Become An Alcoholic. Stop The Sobriety.
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