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Brunch With Jamie

You know, I bothered to read because I asked specific questions and expected them to be answered.

Guess you can't even do that right.

That, by itself probably explains a lot. Think about it.

I'm Gay

To be gay, you'd have to find a person who was actually willing to have some form of sex with you. It's pretty obvious from your activity level over the weekend that you aren't able to get sex from anyone other than your own hand.

Don't you even have enough disposable income to hire a prostitute?

Brunch With Jamie

I've never understood why people feel the need to rush things. If a lady is not interested at any given time, that's fine. Either she'll come around, or she won't.

What makes guys so desperate that they feel like they have to get it immediately from the first person to walk past? Is it that they just aren't getting any? Or that they feel that they haven't had enough? How is it that they don't realise that being seen to be 'creepy' is not going to enhance their chances of getting some?

Come on troll, you are in a position to answer the questions, mopy is female and I haven't had much experience in being a creep, or being desperate. Now's your time to shine.

I'm Gay

Look at how you spent the last few days. Look at how many alts you have made just so you can post this sort of nonsense that nobody cares about.

You must be a very sad individual.
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