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Life Is Harder For Some

“This life’s hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid.” Jackie Brown in "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" written by George V. Higgins.

I've seen people weather incredible hardship after incredible hardship because they were smart.

I've seen people start with everything and end up with nothing, because they acted stupidly.

Lee-stepdad F**k Me

Not to mention recently being 18, female and having a thing for telling everyone how they jill off.


Just Wanna Disappear

It's actually pretty tricky to do right. If you have an online presence, know little about the uses of shell companies and trusts, don't have any other languages that you speak, then you can probably give up on the idea of effectively disappearing.

It takes a lot more skill than most people realise, and the odds drop in proportion to the number of people who are actively looking for you.

Do some research on it.

Dad Loves My Feet

Three words in and you are already telling a lie. Not impressed.

L O L !

If you think Timmys is a restaurant, you should get out of your house.
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