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Can't Stop Smiling

Oh it's not that nobody is picking up on the subtle hints you drop. It's a simple case of them not giving enough of a crap to check if you are giving them subtle hints.

They have their own lives and their own little crises to occupy their thoughts, and just like you they each think that their own is the most important. Why should they care about anyone else, let alone your situation?

That is the way that particular cookie crumbles. Deal with it.

Hey There Guys,

Dear unidentified random person who sees this,

I really don't care about you personally, but I I want to convince myself that I am a helpful and caring person. I also want you to be convinced of that, so that you will come and offer me positive feedback because I mentioned that I have been having a rough time. Probably just regular teenage angst more than anything that's actually making it hard for me.

So here is a completely meaningless platitude, because I don't know you, or care about you in any real way. But so long as you don't actually think, and just accept it as "thoughts and prayers" like society has trained us to, then you won't notice.

We are all in this together, which is supposed to make you feel better, because I am here too, and I am pretty awesome in my own mind.


There, I translated it for you.

BTW Haley there's a troll. Just thought everyone should know.

The Tried And Failed Method

One of you is right and the other is wrong. BTW that's not what giving something up cold turkey is. It actually involves giving it up, not just waiting for a while before running back to it.

Just saying.

Not A Crazy Cat Lady

I never thought about it, but I don't think that I will be one either.

When Is The Next Hello?

Most people in the last year of high school are busy with this stuff called "work". That's why nobody had time for you. Maybe you should have focused on that instead.
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