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It's Harder Than I Thought

To throw someone out of your life. I know that he's no good for me, yet I keep wanting more. I keep reminding myself that I don't need him and there will be plenty of others. Still,...

Thought I'd Share Some Poetry

It's called The Wall, I wrote it a month ago. The wall Pressed up against  The wall,  With your fingers Around my neck. It's all I'll ever  Remember when  You're gone. The screams...

I'm Depressed. Again

I just got over this week-long depression in which I gave up on life, I didn't starve myself or anything though I wanted to, I just did what I was told and nothing more. Once my...

Beginning To Self Harm?

I think I may be beginning to self harm for no particular reason. I don't know if it's self harm though. Sometimes I'll slap my arms or dig myself or use salt and ice until I get a...

My Bully Story

So, ever since I was in second grade I've gotten bullied for being overweight. It's pretty much the same people for the past eight years. I have always been overweight and shy and the...
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Im 12 And Flat Chested *GIRLS ONLY*

You shouldn't do anything. If you are skinnier than other girls, their boobs could just be baby fat. Don't even worry about it. A lot of girls don't even get boobs until they are adults. You will develop boobs eventually. Everyone develops at a different rate. And about them being itchy, I guess that's normal if it's really hot and you're sweating a lot that could make them itch.

Im Not Gonna Say

Jeez. Att-it-ude! I was just making a suggestion that you correct your sentences a bit so I can understand, or others can. But whatever.

Im Not Gonna Say

Oh my god! This is just one big run-on sentence connected by 'but's. Seriously I can't even read it! D:

Maybe I Am Lesbian?

Yes, if you love another woman, you are considered lesbian.

I'm 16 And Might Be Pregnant

When do you suspect you got pregnant? Some of the symptoms don't show up until later on in pregnancy so you might not even be pregnant. I would suggest the first thing you do is take a pregnancy test. You can buy one at a store without anyone knowing. Don't buy a really cheap one though because it could show you the wrong results.
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