My Mother Has Passed Away

I'm sorry for your loss man, I know the feeling. Keep your head up, and stay strong.

I Wish This Ended Differently

Thank you, I appreciate the comment.

I Wish This Ended Differently

Not really, I'm trying my hardest to be okay though.

Oh, To Not Have Been Born

My opinion doesn't matter very much, but I'm happy you were born.

Now I Know Why There's So Many Christians Still

Just as a voice for the counterpoint. I'm personally conflicted on what to believe. I'm not the type to believe something without first exploring and challenging it on many levels. With that said.

1) What exactly would The Bible call dinosaurs exactly? Remember the word "dinosaur" wasn't really used until the 1800's. The Bible was written well before then. There are mentions of great beasts and other things of that sort in Genesis.

2) Hypocrites exist with any belief one way or the other and those who call themselves Christians who are ruthless and go against many of the teachings in The Bible are no better than people who wish ill will towards people. A good portion of The Bible warns against people like that. Regardless people in general Christian or not can be complete idiots.

3) The cross and crucifixion of Jesus, the symbolism involved shouldn't be taken for face value. Yes it quite possibly was the worst point in his life, at the same time it's a reminder of why we should be thankful because he made the ultimate sacrifice for us. That he died on a cross for our sins.ect. It's a symbol that most if not all churches have hanging up right behind the pastor or speaker that as a whole they hold sacred. I could go on and on about this but I think you get the point.

To I guess further explore doubts and whatnot, something I have an issue with is this:

Why does it seem that God made himself quite known with miracles and "wonders" in the Old Testament as well in the New Testament in the form of Jesus, but we haven't seen anything remotely like that? I just find that very odd.

Secondly why are there so many denominations for one single religion? I lost track of how many there actually were, but it's insane. Which one is correct, if any? How should we know?

I personally don't know what to think. I feel that some of us want to have that comfort that life doesn't end when we die that we have a purpose other than being a part of nature. That someone or some being has our backs if we just simply believe. That there is a simple explanation for death, life and everything in between.

my half-sister

I didn't realize people normally had children at 15.

I'm So Mean . . .

Not too bad and you?

I Don't Really Type Anything Here In The Hope It'll Be Read

At least you're honest but it's sad society is like this.

Come on, that shouldn't be allowed.

I won't be the one to use the vote up/down system. I think it's pointless for my use of the site but to each his/her own I suppose. I like the fluidity of the site has improved but it took away some key features. I also wish there was a main page and the only way to access these 'secrets' is to sign up. Obviously that's a personal preference, but yeah.

I made a huge mistake.

Moving on is your best option.