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I'm Greg. I like bears and sappy anime. I keep disliking my profile when I come back, so it changes often. This is my second account, so I'm sure a more cringy version of me can be found here somewhere.
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Can't Stop Smiling

I learned this a while ago, but it still bugs me a little. I don't remember the context, but at some point I told a couple of my co-workers that I get depressed a lot. They were...
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Five Minutes Till My Shift

Update: My account is fine, seems someone just didn't update it properly. The dish is all there. Good stuff. Also I'm still being a baby about my work. It's not fun. Also, it's...

Working The Deli

I'm tired, always. Feels like I barely have time to do anything fun. A lot of days off are just spent catching up on sleep. Working seven hours a day, six days a week, but still...
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Well Um S**t

I want more money. I wonder if I'd still feel the same if I had it, too.