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Name is Alex im 22 and live in southern California. My nickname is Google on Legs because I know a lot of random useless facts. I want to live in a castle in Helsinki Finland... ..... .......
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What is it

With Girls from Texas named Lauren being so fucken perfect. If you're on Tumblr you probably know who i'm talking about! Our Lauren here was perfect also. ...

I'm done.

I am done....


I haven't been on here in months, just wanted to stop by and say merry Christmas to everyone :)...

Fuck "American Express Serve"

I signed up a couple of days ago because they were giving away $10 for every new account. It was supposed to be a better Paypal, well it's been nothing but problems. First...

I feel like punching the internet.

Every website that I wanna go onto right now has loaded servers...............@#$#@%#@$#@ And I wanna buy something online but the website is crashing also, and its only a 24hr...
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I'm in love.

I love Jasmine like this.

I really

Get checked out by a doctor! God forbid something is wrong but if it is you need to take care of it ASAP!

I want a baby

Don't be stupid, wait a couple of years.

One of my best guy friends just told me

Just be honest and say it is awkward. Give him the old "I just see you as a friend" speech, if you're not interested that is.

You wont hurt his feelings. Or just dont reply haha
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