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If I Could Go Back In Time

Sometimes you hear a really old song, and it brings back an image of who you were, when that song was on the radio. If I could, I'd tell the old me, let people drift away, and have...

I'm Sad, Angry, Tired, Heartbroken

It isn't worth it. Because best case scenario, he starts paying you attention and youll never know if it's because he loves you or because you guilted him into it. How do I know this? Guess. Don't bother asking for things, it'll just be charity and you deserve better.

If I Could Go Back In Time

Thanks, happy Divali to you too :)
Things are lasting, I guess I just see the hole more than the donut sometimes.

I Remember, Now

I agree, it's best to take people at face value. It pays to give your heart completely, but first be very thorough of the kind of person they are.

I Remember, Now

The excuses will come soon. They always do. Hang in there.
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